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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

-Marcel Proust


R E I G N I T E   T H E     soul®

Reignite the Soul is about creating a community of people who have an abundance mentality; realizing that it is through supporting others that we lift our self. We celebrate our victories and the victories of others knowing that there is plenty for everyone. Through this connection, we grow stronger individually, collectively, personally and professionally. It is a community that encourages support, growth, excellence and camaraderie; somewhere we can all learn to  “Love Yourself. Know Yourself. Grow Yourself”.

Each of us is juggling many priorities, both personal and professional. We are called upon to respond to situations that we have never dealt with, causing much anxiety and stress. Now, more than ever, self-care is of utmost importance so that you can continue to serve others and deal with day to day realities.


To support and assist you in your self-care, I am offering complimentary, virtual coaching sessions.  These coaching sessions are available to talk about any personal or professional issue that is arising for you right now. Just having someone to listen, as well as brainstorm ideas on how to move forward can be extremely helpful.


As a certified NLP Life & Business coach I am here for you. Now is the time for all of us to support and help one another. We are truly in this together. 

We work with you to develop personalized plans to maximize potential (personally & professionally), incorporating neuro-linguistic and brain-based techniques, improving physical, emotional and cognitive well-being. We also have an array of professional assessments that we utilize to help increase self and other awareness.

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Thought for the Week

Mindset Matters

It is All About Perception: You Can Look Through the Lens of Fear or the Lens of Love.

Through Which Lens Do You Choose to View the World?


We all see our world, every situation, circumstance, and each other through a lens. The lens we choose to view through makes all the difference in our beliefs, experiences, actions, and the outcomes we achieve.


As human beings, we are all invested in our perspective; but, if we choose to open our aperture and view through a lens of love, our world expands, gets bigger and better; and through this process we are transformed. We soon realize that while we are all different and unique, we are also all connected, part of the same whole, beautiful, and part of the same family.


Every single situation, thing and person in our lives may be seen through one of two lenses: the lens of fear or the lens of love. There are always profoundly different ways for you to view the exact same circumstance. Nothing on the outer must shift for you to have a radical shift in perception; you simply must change the lens through which you are looking.


Think of a situation or circumstance in your life. Check in to see from which lens you are viewing the situation; fear or love. As an experiment, write down your thoughts, describing the situation from both perspectives.


First, start from the lens of fear. In all its negative glory, describe the situation through this lens being brutally honest knowing that what is not acknowledged cannot be changed. Read it aloud when you are done. Reading it may provide insight about why you could be feeling hopeless and helpless about the situation.


Next, describe the same situation, and this time do it through a lens of love. In all its positive glory, describe the situation Read it aloud when you done. How does this feel? I am sure it feels  very different, and probably  much better!


The same life, same situation – different lens! Nothing changed on the outside, but everything changed on the inside.


You can literally do this exercise with anything or anyone. The goal is not to deny that you feel sad, scared or are afraid. It is to recognize and honor those feelings, and then make the ongoing choice to realign and see the person, circumstance, or situation through a lens of love.


Your feelings will reflect the story you are telling, and your feelings are one of your best indicators of whether you are looking through a lens of fear or a lens of love. It is freeing to realize that you have the power to change your feelings by changing your perception and seeing the situation from a different lens.


So, the next time you are feeling constricted by a situation, ask yourself: “If I look at this through a lens of love, what would I see?”

Believe This: 

You are Light

You are Love

Love Yourself and Others Like Your Life Depends On It

Live From A Place of Love



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