Love yourself. Know yourself.

Grow yourself.®

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

-Marcel Proust



R E I G N I T E   T H E     soul®

Reignite the Soul is about creating a community of people who have an abundance mentality; realizing that it is through supporting others that we lift our self. We celebrate our victories and the victories of others knowing that there is plenty for everyone. Through this connection, we grow stronger individually, collectively, personally and professionally. It is a community that encourages support, growth, excellence and camaraderie; somewhere we can all learn to  “Love Yourself. Know Yourself. Grow Yourself”.

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Each of us is juggling many priorities, both personal and professional. We are called upon to respond to situations that we have never dealt with, causing much anxiety and stress. Now, more than ever, self-care is of utmost importance so that you can continue to serve others and deal with day to day realities.


To support and assist you in your self-care, I am offering complimentary, virtual coaching sessions.  These coaching sessions are available to talk about any personal or professional issue that is arising for you right now. Just having someone to listen, as well as brainstorm ideas on how to move forward can be extremely helpful.


As a certified NLP Life & Business coach I am here for you. Now is the time for all of us to support and help one another. We are truly in this together. 

We work with you to develop personalized plans to maximize potential (personally & professionally), incorporating neuro-linguistic and brain-based techniques, improving physical, emotional and cognitive well-being. We also have an array of professional assessments that we utilize to help increase self and other awareness.

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Thought for the Week

January 02, 2022


Happy New Year! In 2022, let’s decide to WAKE UP to the PRESENT MOMENT. Make the choice NOT to live your life on auto pilot.


What if the only resolution you chose to make for 2022 is to be more aware; making a practice of asking yourself throughout the day, “Am I awake or am I on auto pilot?”  


This practice will help you live in the present moment where life is actually happening. After all, it is only in the present moment that you can actually, consciously create or accomplish anything. The present moment is the only place you can improve your life or the lives of others.


Sure, it is easier said than done. Make it simple. This week, just start by noticing your breath. Commit to checking in with your breath throughout the day. Notice where your mind is and how you are breathing.


A simple way to do this is:

  • set alarms on your phone as reminders throughout the day

  • when the alarm goes off, notice where your mind is and bring it to present moment

  • next, notice your breath – how are you breathing?

  • regulate your breath - breathe in slowly, hold and breathe out slowly – do this several times, and finally

  • for 1 minute just be present, noticing your breathing and focus on ‘being here now’


If your mind wanders, no worries, just bring your mind back to the present moment and breathe. This simple practice of noticing and regulating your breath will signal your brain to “stand down,” bring you to the present moment, and help focus your awareness and attention to the task at hand.


Know that feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is your anchor.



“Breathing in I calm my body

Breathing out I smile

Dwelling in the present moment; the only moment.”

(Thich Nhat Hanh)