Select a reflection that speaks to you as a starting point for your personal discover. What do you learn about you?

“Don’t go outside your house to see the flowers. My friend, don’t bother with that excursion.

Inside your body there are flowers. One flower has a thousand petals.

That will do for a place to sit.

Sitting there you will have a glimpse of beautyinside the body and out of it,
before gardens and after gardens.”


What matters most to me?

What is my life's purpose?

What are my most important needs and desires?
Does my life fulfill them?

What are my personal gifts?

What would I like to stop worrying about?
What are strategies and steps to let go of this worry?

What three words describe me best?

How do I deal with unpleasant experiences or thoughts?

How do I recharge my batteries and refuel my soul?

What inspires and motivates me?

Who can I help?

Who can I forgive?

What is my favorite thing about myself?

What would it be like if I were to go easier on myself?

If the world were to end tomorrow, who would I want to spend the day with?

If I didn't need money, what would I do with my life?

If I could change just on thing in the world, what would I change and why?

What am I holding onto that won't allow me to move forward?

If not now, then when?

My biggest dream is...

What can I do to be a more authentic version of myself?

Do I feel comfortable expressing myself?
Why or why not?

How would I describe myself to a stranger?

A positive impact I have made is...

What is a positive impact I would like to make?

The best advice I have ever received is..

What are my proudest moments and accomplishments?

When I wake up in the morning,
how do I want to feel?

I never want to forget...

What positive experiences am I grateful for?

My greatest adventure was/will be...

What is the best gift I have ever received?

My biggest influence/mentor is...

What is something I would love to learn to do?

Create a bucket list

Describe a time I felt especially valued and loved

If I had a theme song,
what would it be?

Describe a time I was radiantly happy.
What do I value most in that memory?

When I think about my future,
what do I hope for the most?

When I think about my future,
what do I fear the most?

What is one thing I’ve always wanted to try that I haven’t yet?

What does a successful life look like to me?

What is one aspect of my life I’d like to improve over the next year? What would that improvement look like?

What is the number one thing that feels like it’s missing from my life right now?