Monday Motivation: You Can't Not Communicate



You are communicating all the time; whether you realize it or not; and LANGUAGE IS SECONDARY!  Communication is 7% language; 38% tonality; and 55% body language.

Your mind and your body function as one interactive system. They both influence each other; there is no separation. Your perceptions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and outward behaviors occur simultaneously through time; each influences the response of all the other elements. None is separate; AND none is without impact.

Just like your mind and body act as one system (and all your perceptions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors are present when you communicate); when you interact with another person you also enter their “system”.  At the end of the day, we all are influencing each other all the time!

All your words, tone, body language, behavior, etc., communicate something. Think about it; “you can’t not communicate!” Communication is always happening, and meaning is always being assigned to both your internal and external communication; not only by you, but by the recipient of your communication.

Realize that with any interaction you have; any time you are communicating, the MEANING of the communication is the RESPONSE it elicits.  So often, what we intend to communicate is not the same as the response the communication elicits. You are responsible for your communication. So, it is worth asking yourself, “am I communicating what I intend to communicate?”

No two humans are alike and no two humans experience things the same way. Each of us creates our representation of reality that guides us in this world. This representation of your reality is comprised based upon your own unique experiences, values, beliefs, etc. You will react and respond to your environment based upon your own map of reality; not reality itself. So, to change your reaction, response, outcomes, etc., you do not have to change reality; but change our own map of reality.

How do you do this? Start by being more aware of your communication (language, tone, body language,) not only what you are communicating internally (to self), but also what you are communicating externally (to others). Slow Down. Reflect On:

Communication with Self

  1. Be aware of what your internal voice is saying (what are you hearing, how does it feel?)

  2. Be aware of your corresponding physiology (body language)

  3. Are there any changes you want to make (in self-talk, internal tone, your external physiology, and corresponding behavior) to convey how you wish to show up and shift your map of reality?

Communication with Others

  1. Slow Down: Ask yourself, “what do I intend to communicate?”

  2. Connect and build rapport

  3. Be aware of how your communication is being received (what response is it eliciting?)

  4. Be aware of what you are seeing, hearing and feeling from the other person: (physiology, body language; tone, emotions)

  5. Check in with whom you are communicating; this is your responsibility as a communicator,

  6. Are there any changes you will to make to ensure the intention of your communication is received?

Taking a little time to slow down, connect with self and others, build rapport and then calibrate what is happening will making a HUGE difference on the outcomes you will receive.

Be the Change You Want to See in the World.

Change your position, change your perspective; Change your perspective; change your world.

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