Monday Motivation: What is the soil you are choosing to plant your seeds in?


Good Morning. It is Monday. What environment (soil) will you choose to surround yourself with today and every day? Will it be an environment that allows your seeds (talents, dreams, aspirations, vision) to grow or one that will thwart the growth of your seeds?Here is a great quote to reflect on today:

“If you don’t change your thoughts, your life will be like this forever. Is that good news?” (Dan Miller)

Now, let me ask the question again, “what is the environment (soil) you are choosing to plant your seeds (talent, dreams, aspirations, vision)?”

Think about your feelings, thoughts, and words  as one of the environments you are creating that germinates your “seeds.”  Will your seeds flourish in this environment or will they be “choked out?” The feelings you project, the thoughts you think and the words you speak impact you and the outcomes you achieve. They significantly matter. They permeate your subconscious and continue to envelop you long after they are felt, thought and said. What do you do? Slow down.Pause. Be Aware. Begin to lovingly adjust your feelings, thoughts and words. Know that they matter; and doing this will make a difference.

Also think about the people you surround yourself with as another environment (more soil)  you are accepting in which to plant your seeds.Will this soil be helpful or harmful to your “seeds?” As Jim Rohn suggests, you are/or become the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  Do the people you surround yourself with bring up your average; or bring it down?

You have choices. Ask yourself, “am I creating an environment (soil) that will help me reach my destiny moments?” See yourself as a GIANT MAGNET. This is a visual that Jodi Livon shared in her January 2019 blog. Believe that your feelings, thoughts and words and the influence of those around you are being projected out and magnetized back. FOCUS ON MAGNETIZING THE GOOD STUFF!

Each day is a gift and is precious. Your life is precious. Your talent, dreams, aspirations, and vision (your seeds) will not grow well and flourish unless planted in good soil.  What should you do? Assess your environment; Assess YOUR SOIL:

  • What am I thinking and saying to myself; is my inner voice one of a critic or a cheerleader?

  • Who am I surrounding myself with; are they filled with negativity or positivity?

  • Is the environment that I choose to spend my time one of “disbelief – it cannot be done” or one of “belief – all things are possible”?

Choose to create environments that mirror rich, fertile soil (good feelings, good thoughts, good words, positive people, support, can-do attitude, etc.) Environments where prosperity can germinate and grow so that you will move toward living the life you imagine.Environments where you will reach your full potential and experience your “destiny moments”; your promised land 😊!

Begin today. Create your environment; the fertile soil you need to have your seeds flourish. Don’t let this overwhelm you. One foot in front of the other. One day at a time. You are responsible for your happiness.You are not stuck where you are unless you decide that you are stuck.  It is our life; create your content; your narrative; your story!

Have a GREAT day; Have a GREAT week!

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