Monday Motivation: Trust Yourself


Good Morning; it is Monday. A new day; a new beginning 😊! Are you ready and open to what will be presented to you today? The only lessons that matter for you at this time are those that come to you today; just as what you needed and were ready for came yesterday, in the same way tomorrow ensures you the same gift. Concerning yourself with any other moment than the present moment can prevent you from being ready when “the teacher” appears. Embrace the knowledge, awareness, and growth that you are being given today.

Life works in mysterious ways. It does prepare you for the next steps. Know that there is a right time for all growth; a right time for all experiences. Be awake and open to what the Universe is presenting to you today. Know that each day you are granted just what is needed to make the next move.  There is no need to worry about the future. It will offer to you whatever is supposed to come next; but cannot do so until you have experienced the 24 hours in front of you.

Be confident that you will be given everything that you need for every situation you encounter. Doing this prepares you for what is ahead. Just breathe and know that when “the student” is ready, “the teacher” will appear.  It can be a bit scary to be open to and aware of what is being presented. It can be a bit scary to be given insight on your next path or opportunity.

Realize that the time is always right to embrace your path. The time is always right to accept what you had to walk through yesterday and what you must step away from now as you move toward tomorrow. The time is always right to tell yourself that you will be ok. The time is always right to tell your story and reclaim your narrative.

Now is the time! Make today be the day that you proclaim that you deserve your ideas, dreams and hopes. See beauty in everything. Today and every day be present, open, brave and SHOW UP! Truly live while you are on this earth. Express yourself. Do not walk around with the burden of unsaid things, unlived talents and untold stories. Free Yourself. Be Yourself. Live Out loud!

Believe that opportunity, wonder and joy are being presented to you each day. In closing, a message from your heart to you:

Dear You,

You show up; I show up

It is that simple.


Your Heart

(Jacquelyn B. Fletcher)

Have a GREAT day; have a GREAT week!

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