Monday Motivation: Thoughts Become Things



Right now, more than ever before, is the time to purposefully create and maintain structure for your daily life to positively impact your overall health and well-being: mind, body, and spirit.

Your brain’s organizing principle is to minimize threat and maximize reward. In this current climate your threat response is being triggered incessantly by what you hear and see on the news and in your social media feeds. Your brain’s job each day is to keep you alive. It continually scans your environment for threats and is programmed to see BAD stronger than good.

You can impact this by the thoughts you think, words you say and practices that you establish to shift your brain from a threat response or “away” state to a “toward/reward” state. You can be a Victim or Victor of your own mind; which will you decide to be?

Practices to Adopt that will Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

In this time of change and uncertainty, creating and maintaining a daily schedule is of the utmost importance. Create consistent rituals that nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Incorporate practices that will prime your brain for positive. Below are some ideas. Choose several or create your own to enhance your outcomes, health and well-being.

Get Up; Dress Up; Show Up and Never Give Up!

Morning Ideas:

  • Upon rising DO NOT turn on the news or look at your news feeds as this will trigger more of a threat response and prime your brain to be on the “lookout” for saber-tooth tigers.

  • Start your day with a short meditation or breathing exercise

  • Write down/post affirmative statements that you will recite aloud to start your day and will see around your environment throughout the day, stating them aloud when you see them (the happiness of your day and your life are dependent on the quality of your thoughts),

  • Create an intention for the day (how do you want to: be, show up and respond; what do you want to focus on and accomplish)

  • Write down three things for which you are gratefulMove your body (let’s get physical: go for a walk, dance, run, jump up and down; anything to get your blood flowing)

  • Make your bed and take a shower 😊

These types of things will help you start off your day off positively, give you a sense of accomplishment and put your brain in a state of seeing possibility and solutions vs. doom and gloom.

Daily Ideas:

  • Create and adhere to a schedule or a calendar

  • Create daily goals to be achieved; you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you can check them off the list

  • Whenever possible use Zoom, Skype, Face Time, etc.  for meetings and discussions. Use technology to unite, communicate and collaborate; not isolate. You can adhere to social distancing and still be socially connecting

  • Limit your intake of the news. Determine what times of day and for how long you will watch the news or follow your social media feeds as it relates to the Corona Virus. You will still get the information you need, and limit the amount of stress and anxiety being produced in your mind and body

  • Eat healthy; take breaks; move your body (do some brain gym exercises); and take time throughout the day to practice relaxation breathing techniques 😊

Evening Ideas:

  • Write down the positive things that happened and what made the day amazing

  • Do a short calming meditation or breathing exercises that relax and prepare you for a peaceful sleep

  • Listen to calming music or sounds of nature/water to help you relax

Miscellaneous Ideas:

  • Watch funny movies: I just watched both Jumanji movies this past weekend (with Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black). I highly recommend them; they will put a smile on my face and make you laugh. “Laugher is an instant vacation” (Milton Berle).

  • Listen to music, sing along and dance: Today I put on Queen tunes and sung my heart out and danced all around the house. It was a blast. My dogs wondered what was going on … 😊

  • Change up your sensory experiences and incorporate them into your environment: Sight: what visuals make you smile or relax you – post them around your house or on your computer; Smell: what smells do you like - get those fragrances and infuse them in the air; Sound -what sounds do you like - incorporate into your environment; Taste – get some healthy foods you like to eat or try something new; Touch – are there fabrics that provide you calm; do you have a stress ball you like to squeeze, etc.

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. We make our world” (Buddha). You have a choice; this is in your circle of control! Be Safe and Stay Healthy!

Have a GREAT day; Have a GREAT week!

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