Monday Motivation: The Landfill Harmonic

“Do What You Can with What You Have Right Where You Are”

(Theodore Roosevelt)

Currently, we are all facing challenges. Especially now is a time that you might need to feel encouraged; I know I do. These are feelings that I come face to face with each day; and recently, they hit me hard.

As I thought about what to write in today’s post, I was at a bit of a loss for what to say; and thought, “what can I talk about that has not already been said?” It is my intention to write something that someone connects with or finds joy in; a message that they are meant to hear. Often, thoughts and ideas come to me and I do not discount them because if it makes a difference for one person then that is a victory. I still was coming up empty, so I put my thinking about the this post aside, began to work on other things and thought I would get to it later.

As I settled into my day, I was trying to get focused on the work I needed to do to move my life and work forward I began to get frustrated and feel a bit of anguish and thought to myself, even expressed it out loud, “what good is this; this is all a bunch of crap; what a bunch of garbage…" and so on…

In that moment, like a flash of lightning, some quotes flooded to my mind; first, the Teddy Roosevelt quote I shared above, “do what you can with what you have right where you are”, and also:

It is not what you look at it is what you see (Henry David Thoreau)

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Make lemonade out of these lemons

Make beauty for these ashes (Isaiah 61:3)

Make diamonds out of this dust

Then suddenly what flashed in my mind’s eye was “Landfill Harmonic – The Recycled Orchestra; a symphony of the Human Spirit”. You may or may not be familiar with them; they are a phenomenal orchestra of young people from Cateura, Paraguay who live in a town that is built on a mountain of trash. Their instruments are built from recycled trash. The world saw a landfill; they saw opportunity. Their music director, Favio Chavez said, “the world sends us garbage and we send back music”.

I have included two links below. The first is a 3-minute video that shares some background and you hear a little of their music; the second is 5 minutes and shares more of their music (both worth watching)! They are INSPIRATIONAL! We all need inspiration now. This will truly shift your mindset about all the possibilities and opportunities that are available to you if you just change “what you see”.

Whatever your situation, look to the mountains; do not look down into the valley. Look up, shift your physiology and your neurology will shift. Say to yourself…

I will Survive, I will Thrive

I will make Treasures from Trash

I will make Diamonds from Dust

I will make Beauty for these Ashes

Be INSPIRED from the LANDFILL HARMONIC and let their spirit fill your mind, heart and soul and spur you on to GREAT things today. You are given 24 hours today; you are meant to do great things. Great things do not have to be complicated and huge. They can be as simple as trying to implement a new, creative idea…(there is no such thing as a mistake or failure…only learning). It can be as simple as sharing a positive message with a friend, family member or colleague (to lift their spirit),  it can be as simple as a smile (over text or zoom 😊), checking some items off of your “to do” list for today…

DO NOT let this time stop and stall you from moving forward toward your destiny.


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