Monday Motivation: Mind Full or Mindful?


Good Morning; it is Monday!

Are you intentional and aware of the present moment each day? Do you practice “being” or are you in a perpetual state of “doing”?

“Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience. It isn’t more complicated than that. It is opening to or receiving the present moment, pleasant or unpleasant, just as it is, without either clinging to it or rejecting it.” (Sylvia Boorstein)

The concept of mindfulness is very simple; but it takes practice. When you are mindful you are intentionally aware of the present moment. You consciously directly your awareness to whatever you are doing, thinking or observing. The practice of mindfulness also includes the element of non-judgment; which means you observe your experiences, thoughts or feelings without labeling them good or bad, right or wrong.

Your brain automatically judges things as right or wrong; good or bad, useful or non-useful. This can occur so quickly that your moments can be tainted by your thoughts before you can fully process the experience.  When you practice non-judgement, you can remove those filters and authentically experience the moment.

The more you practice mindfulness in your daily life, the more adept you become at living in the now. Practicing mindfulness affords you a richer appreciation of the moment, a larger perspective on life and helps you alter your habitual responses because you can pause long enough to choose how you act, react and respond.

The holidays are quickly approaching. Before you know it, you will be “revving up” your doing to accomplish everything on your “to do” list. Life can become so hectic and often we do not savor the richness of the moment and the beauty in our life and experiences in the “here and now”.

What if you began to embrace mindfulness today and begin to practice some techniques that might provide you some much needed stress/anxiety reduction for the months ahead?

Here are several techniques (taken from the Mindfulness Card Deck by Rohan Gunatillake) that you can choose to incorporate into your daily life that might be the saving grace you need to embrace the richness of each moment:

  • The skill of doing nothing: Doing nothing is a great way to cultivate calm. Doing nothing requires a bit of effort. Take 10 minutes today to step away from the usual hubbub of your life. Let yourself settle into doing nothing, giving whatever momentum and energy is around you the space to run its course instead of engaging and giving it more fuel. By staying steady and letting everything run out of gas, you can start to notice what remains once the dust has settled. Rest with it.

  • Tune into stillness: An effective way to develop inner calm is to place your attention on something that is already calm – this could be a tree, a cloud, a building, or an item on a shelf. Notice which parts of your experience feel still or relaxed and make the decision to rest your mind there. This is relatively easy if you are in a quiet place, but it is also possible when you are in a place that is busy and noisy. You can find moments of stillness anywhere if you just look for them. Finding stillness and turning the mind there means you can have access to rest wherever you are 😊!

  • Breath as an anchor: On the emotional roller coaster of life, it is always helpful to have an accessible mindfulness tool at your disposal . Your breath is that tool. Practice bringing your awareness to the quality of your breath a few times a day – you can start by spending one minute noticing your breath before each meal. Practicing giving attention to your breath will give you something to turn to whenever you need to anchor yourself.

Practicing these simple mindfulness activities can create real changes and insights  in your day and your life.

Have a GREAT day; Have a GREAT week!

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