Monday Motivation - Let Your Light Shine


Good Morning. It is Monday. The beginning of new week – YOU have 168 hours ahead of you to be a DIFFERENCE MAKER! YOU have the opportunity this week to LET YOUR WONDERFUL LIGHT SHINE!

When is the last time that you spent a moment reflecting on the talents, gifts, and strengths you possess that you were meant to share with others?

It has probably been quite some time. Take a moment RIGHT NOW to pause and reflect on your talents, gifts and strengths. Write them down.  Once you’ve done that; make a commitment to share your talents and gifts with others this week. Doing this will not only benefit others; it will also benefit you.

Those Who Bring Sunshine Into The Lives Of Others Cannot Keep It From Themselves (J.M. Barrie)

Each of us possess talents and gifts that are meant to be shared with others. This is your light to share with the world. DO NOT hide them! You are meant to share your light with others. You may be reticent or fearful to share your gifts; but don’t let that stop you; don’t let your own insecurities, anyone or anything extinguish your flame. The greatest gift you can give to someone is the gift of yourself and your talents. Think of your talents, gifts and strengths as DIAMONDS. Diamonds are precious, carry great value and offer great riches. In the same way (or even more) the talents, gifts and strengths you possess offer great riches to others.

Following are just a few reasons that you should put your talents, strengths or gifts to use:

  • Other People Will Benefit from Them: Human beings live in community with one another. Your gifts or talents are purposely created not just for you but to help others. Think about it. You have benefitted from other people’s talents:  Steve Jobs’ creations; Thomas Edison’s light bulb; Henry Ford’s automotive ideas, etc. Almost everyone around you contributes to your welfare in one way or another. So, ask yourself, “how do other people benefit from my gifts or talents?” What a gloomy world this would be if you did not share your gifts with others. There is not the same sense of delight in only serving yourself. Sharing your talents with others creates more lasting fulfillment. It is a win/win; it benefits others; it benefits YOU.

  • Other Lives May Change Because of Your Talents:  Think about a time when you used one of your strengths to help someone else and the impact it had on the person who received it. It truly can change someone’s experience in the moment, their day, their life…. Start today. Exercise the use of the gifts you possess, and I guarantee you someone will be inspired. You will start something that creates a ripple effect in the sea of humanity 😊!

  • Your Life Will Be Changed : Your gifts and talents are your strengths. Gallup conducted research on people who use their strengths every day; how it affects their performance and their overall quality of life. They found thatpeople who use their strengths and talents every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job. Additional key points also found 1) improved health and wellness, 2) Less worry stress, anger, sadness or physical pain, 3) a boost of positive emotions, 4) more energy to face the day, and 5) higher engagement level on the task. There is no down-side to this.  You benefit; others benefit. What a BEAUTIFUL way to impact the world 😊!

This week make a point to share your gifts with others. Your gifts are your finger- print on the world, are unique and make a HUGE DIFFERENCE! Let your gifts and talents shine brightly and cast light to all of those with whom you come into contact. Use your gifts and talents and you will be blessed with more to share and make the world a better place.

Have a GREAT day; Have a GREAT week and SHINE BRIGHTLY!!

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