Monday Motivation - Let Go


Good Morning. It is Monday; you are blessed that you get to experience another day of “new beginnings”; you have never lived this day before. What if you embarked on this day with the attitude, “this day is full of surprises that  I definitely do not want to miss”! See what a difference this choice has on the way you experience your Monday 😊! Then, rinse and repeat this every day.


Renewal, Transformation, Change are synonymous with the season of Fall. It is witnessed in the demonstration of the leaves changing to vibrant, beautiful colors before they “release and let go”.  As human beings we are also changing and transforming on an ongoing basis. While we don’t notice it, our physical bodies are transforming and changing on an ongoing basis; for example, our bodies are continually shedding old cells and creating new ones. If this did not occur, we would wear out faster and our lives would be shorter. Also, our psyche is changing and transforming on an ongoing basis. We are continually in the  process of learning and integrating new information, seeing life from different angles, changing our perspectives and increasing our awareness. This learning, at times, provides us the realization that our “old ways” no longer work and we must “let go” to incorporate new modes of being, new perspectives, new approaches to life.

Embrace Autumn’s energy and take stock of what is going on in your life, decide what you want to keep and let go of what no longer fits. We may have parts of our life that are “out of sync” with our way forward or behaviors that stop us from living life fully. What is the answer? Let it go. This can be hard and scary because CHANGE can be hard and scary.  Letting go is not easy. Reframing your thought process about this concept stating that, “letting go can make your life more positive, healthier and stronger.” Perhaps, maybe learning to “let go” can really be a Superpower; empowering you, making you unstoppable and helping you reclaim your life!

Want to practice the “superpower of letting go”? Here are 5 ways to start:

  • Let go of taking things personally – realize that many times if people are behaving badly or not giving you what you want; most often, it is not about you; it is about them or something they are dealing with … “Let It Go!”

  • Let go of what others think – don’t let others influence your actions; if they are not “raving fans” of what you want; that is ok …“Let It Go!”

  • Let go of trying to be something you are not – be who you are; there are some things that you cannot change about yourself – that is ok; it is what makes YOU unique … “Let It Go!”

  • Let go of the need to be perfect – never let anyone make you feel like you do not measure up … “Let it Go!”

  • Let go of “not yet” – if there is something you want to do, plan and act; do not wait … “Let it Go!”

Trust the flow of life. It is never too late to make a change. Take a leap of faith in the direction of your dreams. You need to be willing to “let go” and accept what lies in wait for you, knowing that it will be a GIFT!

Have a GREAT day; Have a GREAT week!

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