Monday Motivation: I Choose Peace - Simple Mindfulness Exercises for Every Day



During this time when things feel uncertain, it is helpful to bring yourself to present moment and implement some practices to allay stress and anxiety. When you cannot control what is happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what is happening; that is where your power lies. So, implementing practices to cultivate a sense of calm that helps you to choose your thoughts wisely and take control of your thinking will be advantageous to help you deal with what life is throwing your way in the here and now.

Here are several easy-to-implement mindfulness practices; pick one that might be helpful for you:

  • Recite mantras: Mantras are simple phrases or sentences that you can recite to help you improve your well-being. Words hold meaning and carry their own sort of vibrations. Mantras are a rhythmic statement that use positive, uplifting words that can change how you perceive your reality, shift your mindset and create new beliefs. Beliefs are rules we use for our life. When your beliefs are shifted, your thoughts, emotions and behaviors are impacted and the outcomes you experience will change.

Below are several mantras you can choose from or create your own. Pick one and repeat it throughout your day. Notice how it shifts your mindset, supports you, calms you and helps you focus on solutions oriented thinking vs. problem oriented thinking. This can contribute to freeing your mind from worrisome thoughts that may be taking up space in your mind.

“I release things that are no longer in my control.”

“I surrender my worries to the Universe.”

“As I count to three my worries leave me … 1, 2, 3”

“I am strong enough to get through this.”

“I give myself permission to let go of what no longer serves me.”

“With every breath I feel myself relaxing.”

  • Use your breath as an anchor: On the emotional rollercoaster of life, one tool that is always at your disposal is your breath. It can help slow everything down, calm your mind and body and bring you back to the present moment. Practice bringing your awareness to the quality of your breath several times a day. Maybe each time you wash your hands you can focus on your breath. Here are a few practices; choose one that works for you or create your own:

  1. Feel your breathing: Place one hand on your chest and feel your breath moving into and out of your body. Notice the natural rhythm. Be aware of the coolness of your air as you breathe in and the warmth of the air leaving as you exhale.

  2. Breathe slowly and deeply: Start by breathing normally; then every few breaths, inhale through your nose slowly to a count of 5. Pause and hold your breath for a count of 3; then breathe out slowly blowing out air through your mouth. When you’ve exhaled completely, take two breaths in your normal rhythm, and then repeat the cycle.

  3. Count backwards: Inhale deeply. When you breathe out count backwards from nine. On the next breath when you breathe out count backwards from eight; then seven, then six and so on…

By giving your attention to your breath, you will have a process to turn to whenever you need to anchor yourself. When you own your breath; no one can steal your peace 😊!

  • Feel the ground: Just like your breath, your connection to the earth is always available to you. By simply paying attention to the feeling of your feet can literally ground you at any time.  As often as possible throughout the day, place your awareness on the bottom of your feet; become aware of the sensations on the bottom of the feet such as the pressure of the floor or ground or the warmth or coolness of your feet. This is especially important whenever you feel yourself becoming anxious. You may discover that when you bring awareness to all of the tiny sensations on the bottoms of the feet; the flow of ever changing physical sensations fill the mind completely and there isn’t room for all that thinking. Dropping awareness to the bottoms of the feet clears the mind and lifts the cloud of anxiety. You always have this as a tool to bring you back to the present moment.

  • Straight back, soft belly: Posture is important. The physical shape with which you meet the world has a big impact on how you feel and how you act. The straight back encourages alertness and brightness and the soft belly fosters a sense of relaxation and openness. Practice bringing your attention to your posture several times a day. Notice how this mindful posture impacts how you meet whatever is coming your way.

  • Tune into stillness: An effective way to develop inner calm is to place your attention on  something that is already calm  -  for example, a tree, a cloud, a building, an item on a shelf, etc. Notice how this helps you feel still and relaxed and make the decision to rest your mind there. This can be relatively easy when you are in a calm place, but it is also possible when you are somewhere noisy and busy. You can find  moments of stillness everywhere if you look for them. Finding stillness and turning the mind there means you can have access to rest wherever you are.

  • Walk the walk: Physical movement such as running, dancing, or active sports – brings you into the moment. When your attention is resting with the body and its movements, there is less room for agitating thoughts to spin you into worry.

Making these small daily choices can be therapeutic and help you operate from a place of peace during these uncertain, chaotic times

Have a great day; have a great week. Be Well 😊!

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