Monday Motivation: Human Connection


Good Morning.  It is Monday; it is Labor Day – Happy Labor Day! A key to living your best life starts with the mindset of how YOU approach each day; the HERE and NOW! You cannot do anything about the past. You do not know what the future holds. YOU CAN do something about TODAY. Each day you wake up; you can CHOOSE to do your best to ENJOY EACH DAY!

Your attitude is critical and plays a key role in how you live your life. Make a choice to enjoy each day despite circumstances. Any day you choose to live with a negative attitude or entertain thoughts that are dominated by discouragement is a day that is wasted; and what a shame that would be. DO NOT WASTE the miracle and the gift you have been given today.

One way to engage in and celebrate Life today is to decide to live life CONNECTED! I am talking about real connection; not through technology. Try to be connected in a more human way; looking at someone in the eyes vs. through a text message. Our world is interesting. We live in the age of “connectivity”, particularly through technology. However, in this age of “connectivity” and “technology”, we are more isolated than we ever have been before. Today, there is a loneliness epidemic that exists. Recent research indicates that over 50% of people say they do not have any meaningful contact with people each day; and that can have far reaching unhealthy impacts on individuals and our world.

What can you do? Today, decide to decrease your “technology connected” habit and time and increase your “eye to eye”, “human connected” touch time 😊! For the next 24 hours dare to live fully in this way. Appreciate the extraordinariness of each breath you take. Lean into life. Lean into real human connectivity. You will never pass this way again. Make today a day where you really open yourself up to real human connections and experiences. Put down the technology. Experience the beauty of the human experience. Combat the “loneliness factor”.

In closing, here is another message from Jacquelyn Fletcher’s, “Dear You. Messages From Your Heart”.

Dear You,

I know it feels like you are all alone.

Why don’t you reach out to someone you love?


Your Heart

Have a GREAT day; Have a GREAT week!

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