Monday Motivation: How do you create your new story?


Meteorological Spring Has Arrived; Are You Ready to Do Some “Spring Cleaning” and Move Forward?

Springtime signifies starting over. Do you want to experience renewal? Spring offers you that promise. Now is the time to seek out clarity, rid yourself of stagnant old thoughts and old ways of being. It is time to open to new possibilities and new agendas. It is time to release the past and focus on where you want to go. You cannot move forward if you are always looking behind you. To move forward, you cannot focus on the past, you must focus on your future; your destination. Only you have the power to write your new story.

How do you create your new story?

Following is a process you can follow to help you write your story, and create your path forward:

Step One: Ground Yourself – Take a few minutes to sit quietly, breathe deeply (breathe in 5, hold for 7, breathe out for 9) – do this about 6 times. While doing this, visualize “connection” to the earth. It will ground you, provide calmness and clarity, and create a sphere of energy around you for the next step of the exercise.

Step Two: Release (in order to move forward; you must release things that do not work for you; weigh you down or don’t serve you anymore). Write down (on paper or  in a journal) responses to the following questions:

  • What, if anything is making you afraid and what do you fear in life?

  • What, if anything, is making you angry, and what are you angry about in your life?

  • What, if anything, is making you sad, and what are you sad about in your life?

  • For each question, write until there is nothing left to write. No judgement; only acceptance; just let it flow out of you.

Step Three: Discovery Process/Release Continued - take a moment; connect with what you wrote. Reflect. Ask yourself, “what insight/lesson am I receiving from my feelings of anger (write the response); what lesson am I receiving from my feelings of fear (write the response); what lessons am I receiving from my feelings of sadness (write the response). Write down everything you are experiencing and what is coming to you.

Step Four: Write Your New Story – With the insight you received from the previous steps, go ahead and write your new story.  Write your new story of who you will be and what your life will be like without this fear, anger and sadness

  • Have fun, play and dream; describe your new life vividly.

  • Create a sensory based experience – describing what you see, hear, feel, smell, taste. Make your new story come to life on paper.

  • Write your story as though it has already happened.

Step Five: Read and Record Your New Story -  Once you have written your new story; read it out  loud and record it in your phone. Use your best story-telling voice. Make it colorful and animated. Listen to your new life story in the morning when you awake; and in the evening before you go to bed. Truly experience your ability to make this new story come true.

Step forward toward your goals and the life you desire to live. Notice what is happening in your life as you hear your new story in the morning and evening; notice how things are changing and how you are manifesting a new way of being. You have  a limited amount of energy to expend every day and you are far better off using your energy to create the new life that you desire.

Spring is the time to start this renewal. Your life will be illuminated and transformed by what you choose to do each day. Keep the faith; move forward with gratitude and new doors and your new life will open to you.

Have a GREAT day; Have a GREAT week!

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