Monday Motivation: Go Slow To Go Fast


Good Morning. It is Monday. Thanksgiving is in the rear-view mirror – can you believe it? Now, the RUSH begins… But, does the holiday season have to be a totally flurry of activities and tasks that have you running from one thing to another mindlessly? It DOES NOT have to be this way. NOW is the time to “go slow to go fast…”

What can you do each day to relieve the stress and anxiety that can arise from all the activities that you have added to your “already full” schedule?

How about incorporating the mindfulness skill of “STOP” into your day?

STOP is primarily used to introduce a mindful experience throughout your day, when you need it most. It is easy to quickly get caught up in all the stresses of daily life, especially during the hectic holiday season. By applying mindfulness to times during the day when you might be experiencing some stress and anxiety, you will be on autopilot less and you will be able to check in with how you are feeling, what you are thinking, and what behavior you’re engaging in.

STOP is an acronym that stands for:

S: STOP -  Whatever you are doing, just pause momentarilyT: TAKE A  BREATH - Re-connect with your breath. The breath is an anchor to the present moment.  O: OBSERVE - Notice what is happening. What is happening inside of you, and outside of you? Where has your mind gone? What do you feel? What are you doing?  P: PROCEED - Continue doing what you were doing; or don’t! Use the information gained during this check-in to stay on course or change course. It helps you to re-engage and decide to do whatever you are doing, mindfully.  

Try STOPPING throughout your day. Doing this will increase your awareness of what is going on around you and inside of you. Using STOP may help you recognize when your body is becoming tense, when you might be aggravated, or you may be ready to “react” to a situation in a way that will not be helpful in the long run. The more you STOP during the day, the more you re-engage with reality, and disengage from the habitual busyness of your mind. 

Have a GREAT day; Have a GREAT week. STOP and be AWARE of the wonders within and around you!

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