Monday Motivation: Do You Know Why You React and/or Respond the Way You Do to Life Situations?


Do You Know Why You React and/or Respond the Way You Do to Life Situations?

If you could get insight to this question, would it be helpful? I am sure that you are nodding a HUGE “YES” right now. Well, the meaning you assign to situations you encounter is based upon your map of the world. The power of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs are the underpinning of your life and how you experience the world.

The equation below provides insight into how you create your patterns/map of reality:

Simply, if you have a thought, that thought produces a feeling (emotion); those feelings/emotions tap into the file that holds your beliefs and those beliefs prompt you to behave (react and respond) in certain ways which will impact your outcomes.

No two human beings experience things the same way. You create your representation of reality to guide you in the world; you create your own unique personal map of your experiences – your personal reality. Your map determines how you perceive and make sense of your experience; and you will respond to each situation based upon your map of reality.

The cool thing is that you can alter an element in the equation, and you can have a different experience and outcome.

What do you do if you are not getting an outcome that you desire?

Reverse-engineer the equation to make it happen! Just as you constructed the original pattern, you can deconstruct it and then reconstruct it 😊!

How do you do that?

  • Start with the Outcome you desire by asking yourself the “magic questions”; 1) what do I want; 2) how can I get it; and 3) what do I need to do to make it happen?

  • Next, create the Belief you need to have to achieve the outcome (state it out loud),

  • Once you have created and stated, your Belief, then create, think and state your Thoughts, ensuring they are congruent with your newBelief,

  • Thinking/Stating these new Thoughts (congruent with your new belief) will generate Feelings/Emotions congruent with theThoughts and you will Behave in ways congruent with your Belief, AND

  • You will achieve a different Outcome

The quality of your decisions is based upon the quality of your emotions. You make so many micro-decisions each day that have a macro-effect on your life. If you are not achieving outcomes you desire, just try this process. Reconstruct your pattern, create a new strategy and approach and experience a different outcome!

Have a GREAT day; have a GREAT week!

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