Monday Motivation: Decision is the Ultimate Power


Good Morning; it is Monday! The start of another week; Hallelujah 😊!


Do you tend to over-think and ponder…and ponder…and ponder some more? Do you tend to think, weigh the pros and cons, and then think some more?  What does all this pondering and thinking allow you to avoid? The answer may be: it allows you to avoid taking action; and it may be that the inaction allows you to live in the comfort of the familiar and avoid change.  Be aware that not making a decision is actually a decision. It is a decision to stay the same. What you are not changing; you are choosing.  If that is what you want, GREAT; if not, then you may need to act. So, ask yourself, “What is keeping me from taking Action?”

Following are some thoughts about decision making that might help you break free from being an Action Avoider:

  • Often, the reason we do not decide is that we are afraid we are going to make the wrong decision; but what if you reframed this thought? What if your mindset was, “right and wrong decisions don’t exist; only different decisions”. Every decision you make in life leads you to an experience. Every decision you make sets you on a path. If you do not like the path, then what do you do? Make another decision.

  • Making the decision is just the beginning of the road. No decision is as important as what you do after the decision is made. Don’t get me wrong, decisions are important; but they are not as important as your next move. It is almost never just about the decision; it is what you do with that decision that determines your next experience.

  • You need to empower yourself in your life to choose. Some decisions you make, you will be happy with; then continue the path that the decision is leading you to until it is no longer fulfilling. Then, what do you do next? Make another decision. Some decisions you make, you will be unhappy with; then do not just sit there. Make another decision. Remember, it is not just the actual decision that matters; it is what you do with it.

You always have the option and the choice to make another decision that will adjust the path. You are never stuck exactly where you are; unless you decide that you are stuck.

Life is fluid and situations are ever-changing. You will always be faced in life with making decisions. Some decisions will be harder than others to make; so, what do you do?

  1. Listen to your inner voice. Deep down you know what is good for you. You will not make the wrong decision if you are truly listening to yourself. If you need an impetus to help you, try flipping a coin when you must decide. What good will this do? When the coin is in the air you will suddenly know what you are hoping for; and that is your clue to what decision you want to make or the direction you want to go.

  2. Think about the decision as ONLY PART of the process. It is not the “be all end all”.  Every decision you make is just a step forward in the process of life. This mindset should help you feel comfortable deciding vs. putting you into a state of paralysis.

  3. Do NOT judge yourself for your decisions. Life goes on. Life moves forward. How will you know if the decision you make is right for you at this time if  you never make it? Do not ever feel bad for making a decision in your life that is right for you, even if it upsets others. You are not responsible for others. You are responsible for you, your life, your happiness.

How thrilling to contemplate that you have the power to choose your attitude and every action you take.  Every situation in life offers you the opportunity to make a decision. The choice is yours to live fully and take advantage of all life has to offer.

Today, make a decision that will bring you a new result in your life. Exercise your personal power. Your choices will contribute to your own personal development.  Move forward without hesitation. Commit. You have nothing to lose. Again, remember, if the result is not what you had hoped for and the path is not the path you want to be on; then, just make another decision 😊!

Have a GREAT day; Have a GREAT week.

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