Monday Motivation- 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus


Watch your thoughts; they become your words.

Watch your words; they become your actions.

Watch your actions; they become your habits.

Watch your habits; they become your character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

(Variously attributed to: Mahatma Gandhi and Lao Tzu)

Good Morning – it is Monday! This past Saturday, I had the good fortune of attending Oprah’s “2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus” tour. It was inspirational, motivational, energy giving, emotional, affirming, etc. (just to name a few of the emotions that I experienced).

A goal of the day was to help each attendee take the first step toward living their highest, truest vision for themselves and getting ready to let 2020 be a year of transformation and triumph; defining our vision to create lasting change in our life.

We were also asked to open our mind, body and spirit to the greatest gift we can give ourselves, “a healthier, stronger, more vibrant life”.  A key question that surrounded the day was for us to think about,“what in my life needs my full attention…my focus? What makes me feel energized, connected and empowered?”

Contemplating these focus areas and thinking about these questions are helpful for each one of us to create an intentional, purposeful life.

In today’s post I thought I would share a few thoughts I took from the day. I hope  that one or two might resonate with you and provide you a nugget of inspiration to continue to move your life forward:

  • First and foremost, you need to understand where you are in your current state of wellness and where you can focus for even greater wellness. Then, define a clear intention (the “why” behind your action) that will move you forward; commit to your intention with a plan and begin the journey! This will shift the flow that is your life.

  • Accept that where you are is ok; then accept what you need to do to move forward. Live the life that you deserve. Be present for your life. Be Here Now.

  • Release the “When”…. When I get a new job, then...; When I buy a house, then…; When I find a partner, then… When I get that promotion… When I lose the weight… Stop wishing your life away. Have a radical acceptance for who you are and the fulness of yourself. Quit comparing yourself to others.

  • Figure out what your patterns and behaviors are…what is holding you back from living the highest, purest, vision you can hold for yourself. Live in the rhythm and flow of your own life…becoming yourself.

  • Ask yourself, “how do I become the truest vision of myself and live to the highest order I can for which I was created?” Life I supposed to flow; so, when you feel pain ask yourself, “am I straying far off from my center of self; the path I should be walking? Am I betraying myself?”

  • Realize you were created, “in purpose; on purpose; for a purpose”. Figure that out for yourself. Answer the call of your life.

  • Moments of quiet, calm and silence are good. When you feel like you are getting “caught up in the swirl of life”, take a moment to separate yourself  from the swirl. It is in these moments that you will have stillness; you will be able to go inside and hear what Universe, God, Intuition (whatever it is that you call it) is saying to you and guiding you forward toward.

  • Be very clear about creating “intentions”. Intention rules your life. Intention is your “why”. What is your “why”? Do what you intend to do. So, take time; slow down; pause; and be purposeful in your actions. Get really clear on the reason you are doing something.

  • For every action you commit in your life, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  (It is Newton’s 3rd law). Remember, the energy you put in all areas of your life is being returned to you. You are responsible for the energy you bring into any space at all times; People feel your energy.

  • When you get into a challenging situation or trouble, don’t blame the trouble, ask yourself, “What is this trying to teach me?” Your life is always speaking to you. “Will you listen?”

  • Your life is not about a “Big Break”; it is about taking one significant life transforming step at a time.

Contemplate the thoughts above. If any resonate, dig deep and understand the insight it is providing to you. Then decide to take action.

It is choice, not chance that creates your destiny. Create your vision: Name It: Claim It: Own It! Every step you take, move the direction toward your vision. When you do this, the entire Universe will conspire to assist you in making it happen 😊! You deserve to live the life of your dreams. Say to yourself,




Have a Great Day and a Great Week!

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