Hello Friday - This Moment is Your Life

As we begin the weekend, each of us have many things to accomplish. Many times we are so focused on what we have to do, we miss the beauty that is encapsulated in each moment. Don’t get me wrong, it is ok to have plans; but then as we are executing them we need to be there for it. I know it can be hard to do. As I’ve said many times before, this moment; this is your life. I love this short story about how a change in perspective can create such a different experience


“Honey, would you drop the kids off at school this morning? I’ve got a lot of shopping to do and errands to run.”

“Well, dear, I’ve got a pretty hectic day myself (sigh) … OK I’ll do it. But hurry, up kids!”

So Dad and his children jump into the car and they’re off. The busy father glances at his watch. “Why is traffic so slow this morning? Certainly people should drive safely, not speed, but this little old man in front of us must be sight-seeing! I’ll pass him as soon as I can… take a short cut maybe … Oh, no!!”

Wouldn’t you know it! The car approaches a railroad crossing just as the lights begin to flash and the safety gate comes down. Dad’s first thought: “Darn it! We’re going to be held up by a train and be late.”

So, as Dad is fuming in the front seat, anxiously tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, reviewing, in his mind, how to make up some time … a sweet, childish voice calls out from the backseat: “Daddy, Daddy, we’re so lucky! We get to watch the train go by!”

Don’t rush your life away. Before you know it time has gone by and some of the most precious experiences have been squandered. Take time to see each experience with fresh eyes, curiosity, gratitude and child-like wonder. It is amazing what we can experience when we take time to appreciate the “here and now”.

Life is here. Be awake for it.

Have a great day and a great weekend.

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