Hello Friday: Mindset Matters

Happy Friday! It is the end of another week, September is close to being in the rear-view mirror and school is in full swing. Seeing school buses out and about again, I began to think a lot about the importance of learning; not only for those in school, but for all of us. Every day provides opportunities for learning, growth and development. You have the ability to continue learning, growing, and developing throughout your life (no matter your age)! Believing this and choosing a growth mindset shifts your thoughts to, “I can learn to do anything I want” vs. “I’m either good at it or I am not”!  Let’s look at the characteristics of a growth vs. a fixed mindset


If you are not already, please embrace a growth mindset today. When you embrace a growth mindset, you will feel more empowered, believe that you can tackle and take on a challenge knowing that you will definitely learn and you will grow as a result.  You will lean in to learning and trying new things. You will lean in to life’s challenges. You will lean in to putting forth the effort with an attitude of “I can do this!” Priming your brain in this positive way will give you a dopamine burst 😊 and  light up all of your learning centers. As a result, new neural pathways in your brain will be created; continued growth!!

Engaging in your life with a growth mindset will unlock the keys to understanding more deeply who you are, what you stand for and all that you can continue to achieve.

Have a great day and a great weekend!

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