Hello Friday - Holiday Traditions

Happy Friday!  This week was the first week of December; the month that the holiday season really kicks in. As I reflect on the holidays and all of the surrounding  festivities, traditions come to mind. Many of us have holiday traditions that we share with our families and our friends. The reason traditions are so important to many of us is because they add deeper meaning to our celebrations and strengthen our bonds and connections with those we care about. Traditions create positive and  lasting memories that put a smile on our face 😊.  They have a way of keeping the past alive and allow us to share in the same joy and experiences with others, generation after generation.  

As each year passes, new traditions are formed and others may fade away. This holiday season, I challenge you to “dust off” an old tradition or “kick off” a new one. Create a shared experience with your loved ones that will stand the test of time.  Whatever experience/tradition you create, really focus on being present with each other and experience the magic of that particular moment. By taking time to appreciate this wondrous time of year, I hope you are able to enjoy a more meaningful, mindful holiday experience.

This weekend, I hope you are able to spend time with your loved ones celebrating old traditions, creating new ones, and forming beautiful memories.

Have a Great Weekend.  Take Care!

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