Hello Friday: Do you make “human connection” a priority in your life?

Do you make “human connection” a priority in your  life?

Being human is a “team sport”; you cannot be fully human “alone”! We are social creatures needing connection with one another. This connection helps us to derive our meaning and purpose. This is a human being’s biological legacy and when we are disconnected from our organizations or communities, we wither. Anything that brings us together fosters our humanity.

In our digital world, it is more important than ever to be mindful of using technologies to create human connections.  We live in an age where we have so many technologies available to help us communicate; sometimes these very mediums thwart connections and can make us feel more isolated and alone than ever before.

 On Wednesday (1/8), I saw a story (link below) on The Today Show that was a reminder of the importance of connection, community and putting a deposit into the “emotional bank account” of “Team Human”! The story goes like this:

A man bought a VCR at Goodwill and found a hidden gem inside: a home movie from 1994 of a ten month old boy taking his very first steps! He examined the tape, found some potential identifying factors on the label and immediately  went to work using the internet and its social platforms for help to find the family in the video. Much to his surprise, in a mere 24 hours the video went viral and eventually he was able to connect with the boy on the tape (TyRe),  now 26 years old. (See the full story and interview here:  Worth the time to watch! )

Jim McKay, the man who found the tape, could have thrown the video off to the side, felt bad that the family lost this tape, and moved on with his day. But, he made the choice to try and bring back an amazing memory to a family, spreading love and positivity to this family, giving back to “Team Human”.

 Today and every day, remember that each and every one of us is part of “Team Human”. Being human is a team sport. Through our human connection we can change a person’s life; and when you change a person’s life, you actually make a change in the world. This one simple act of kindness, Jim McKay to TyRe, was a priceless blessing. Each of us, can be part of spreading love, kindness, positivity, caring and connection; having endless ripple effects.

I hope this heart-warming story inspires you to reach out and foster more human connections each day. Here is a goal for those interactions: ask yourself, “ From the interactions others have with me, do I leave people better off than I found them?”

 Have a GREAT day; and a GREAT weekend!

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