Do you know how to begin stopping self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors?

Do you know how to begin stopping self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors?

Answer: Choose “Power Thoughts”

Your thoughts can either help or hurt you. You choose what direction your life is going by the thoughts you have; “are you paying attention?”Tune out “defeated thoughts” and choose “power thoughts”! If the thoughts you are thinking keep you in a state of “defeat”; then, you will live a defeated life. You can make a choice to turn it around. Prime that brain of yours for positive. Prime your  brain to respond to life’s situations and challenges with a possibility and solution-oriented mindset.


Every morning when you wake up make the decision that you are going to power up! Create a ritual for the start of your day to set your thoughts and mind for victory. When your eyes open; be prepared to think thoughts on purpose; thoughts of victory, gratitude, abundance and power. What you do the first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Also, the thoughts you think before you go to bed make a huge difference on the quality of your sleep.

Below is a document that contains a part of my morning and evening rituals. It makes a real difference in my mindset as I approach my day and the comfort I feel as I prepare for sleep.

Download worksheet here.

My daughter and I started using this approach as we connect via Zoom to begin and end our workday and, at the end of the day we share what made the day amazing. This has a BIG impact on how each of us go about our work and our  interactions throughout the day. It also has makes a big difference on our psyches and on our interactions with one another; amazing that something so simple can have such a profound impact. You draw into your life what you are dwelling on.

“What impact are your thoughts having on your life?” You can change them. Try the approach I’ve suggested.  Pay attention to what is going on in your mind; tune out the negative and amplify the positive.

Give yourself a new beginning each day 😊!

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