Hello Friday: How You Move Can Impact Your Mood

Happy Friday; I hope you had a great week! Were you able to incorporate some of the “Happiness and Live Your Life to the Fullest” advice from the 100 year old women and wise children into your weekly routine? If you did, I am sure it made an impact. If you didn’t there is always today to make a change 😊!

This week, I was browsing Happify and came across a great infographic, “How You Move Can Impact Your Mood”. We often think we have to make BIG changes to our life to have an impact; that thought alone stops many of us in our tracks; but there are so many great small ways that you can boost your mood through movement, like walking happy, smiling, and laughing. Take a look at this infographic below. I know there will be at least one or two things that you can easily make part of your day-to-day routine! 😊

If you are short on time, just try one of the following “on for size”: “Walk Happy”, “Smile”, “Laugh”, “Act Happy”, “Sit up straight in your chair”, “Go for a quick walk outside.” Any one of these is simple to do and does not take extra time. See what a difference it will make for you today and this weekend.

Have a great day and a great weekend!

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