Monday Motivation: Life Changing


Good Morning. It is Monday. Are you filled with positive anticipation for this day? There are opportunities for “wonder” each day. Prime your brain for the positive. Know and believe that something will happen today that will make a difference in your life. Each moment is a gift. We traverse this planet with other human beings that are reaching out and connecting in many ways; if we just slow down long enough to see and experience it. Be on the look-out for opportunities today that will make a difference in your day and possibly a broader impact in your life. Often, we are not fully present to things that happen to us moment to moment that are positive and truly make a difference; for example:

  • Maybe you will engage in conversation today that provides you a fresh perspective,

  • Maybe a smile 😊 or greeting of a passer-by,

  • Maybe someone is “kind” to you in traffic, or

  • Maybe you are part of a “pay it forward” experience that puts a smile 😊on your face that was just what you needed…

Below is a story that I found on the website, “Pass it on”, that shares this perspective:


Over the last week, I’ve had a few conversations about life changing events. The funny thing about life changing events is that they are different for every person. Sometimes they are the big WOW moments, maybe just getting out of debt, an epiphany, could be winning the lottery, a death, or just meeting a stranger. In my opinion, there is opportunity in each minute for a life changing event.

Ethan, one of my Starbucks guys, asked me when I walked in the door last week: “Rod, give me one of the life lessons you’ve learned.” I gave him my lesson on what I’ve learned about time: “Time is the most valuable thing we have as it cannot be replaced. Enjoy your life. It’s the only one you have.” He smiled and said thank you.

Patrick has a term called life changing money. The amount is different from person to person depending on your circumstances. For some, having enough money to pay off your bills could be life changing. If you’re homeless, maybe having enough to get you off the street for a few weeks is life changing. We’ve all played the “if I won the lottery, I would buy or do insert subject.” You read about people that win the lottery and in a lot of cases, most end up broke, right back where they started or even bankrupt. The money did indeed change their life.

“Thank you for every event and person in my life.” I write that very sentence in my gratitude journal each day. I choose to think that every person and event in my life is life changing in some way. Sometimes it is very clear and obvious and other times maybe not so much, but I do know believing each event and person can be life changing really gives me a great feeling of anticipation for each day when I wake up. I choose to expect some life changing event(s) will happen each day.

Something or someone will come into your life today that will change it in some way. It could be these words that just make you think a little different than you did yesterday. It could be some big business deal. It could be a chance meeting with a stranger. There is opportunity in each minute for a life changing event.

Submitted by Rod Williams

Be on the look-out today and the rest of the week for your “life changing” events. I am sure you will experience many cool connections that will make you smile and provide you a new lease on life!

Have a GREAT day; Have a GREAT week!

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