Hello Friday: Are you a human being or a human doing?


Happy Friday! How was your week? If it was anything like mine (and probably most people), I found myself “running, running, running” from one activity to the next. As I was experiencing this endless “doing”, I remembered an excerpt from one of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s mindfulness CD’s. He said, “we call ourselves human beings, but we should call ourselves human doings because we are always ‘doing, doing, doing”; sound familiar?

All of us can get caught up in our deadlines, to-do lists, projects and responsibilities to a point that it can make your life feel a little too hectic, unmanageable and out of control. We miss the experience of being in the “here and now”; the “bloom of the present moment”. Don’t be too hard on yourself; everyone experiences this in their life. What can make the difference for you is when you become aware that your life is getting chaotic and you feel as though you are losing ground or your balance; making a conscious choice to reset your internal alignment and find your center.

How can you find your center?

  • A first step is awareness. When you become aware that you might be a bit off balance. slow down, focus, experience how this feels. This can be the anchor you need to change your trajectory. By slowing down, focusing and being aware of how you want to move forward, you can gain a sensation of peace which can provide insight to help you consciously move through your day.

  • Second, notice where your attention is being directed in the moment you feel out of control. Then, you can be mindful of what is swirling around you and can come into present-moment awareness. Place attention on your breathing. Your breath is a great tool for getting out of your head and any chaos of the moment. Take some purposeful breaths and you will begin to slow down long enough to gauge what is going on for you.

  • Third, set your intention for how you want to respond to your life, your responsibilities, and your challenges. Be clear on your intention. Ask yourself what you would like to experience, choices you want to make and the possibilities available to you; then, see yourself responding in exactly this way 😊!

Whenever I feel my inner calm compromised, I take notice of my breath and become aware of how I am feeling in that moment. Additionally, I have a visual that I recall that slows me down and brings me back to the present moment. My visual/symbol is a beautiful burr oak tree that I “discovered” on one of my trips into the office 8 years ago. This visual of “my tree” reminds me of my “connection to Universe”, provides me a sense of “calm and clarity”, and brings me back to the “here and now”.

Do you have a visual or a symbol that is a representation for you of “calm, clarity, and present moment”? If not, think about what that would be for you; find one. The next time you feel a little “out of control” visualize your symbol and see how it truly helps you come back to present, provides you calm and gives you clarity to move forward in a very different way.

Remember, life is a serious of thousands of tiny miracles; notice them. When you are present; you truly can!

Have a GREAT day; have a GREAT weekend.

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