Hello Friday: Seven Million Wonders

Happy Friday! How was your week? The weekend is almost here 😊!


Think back. Reflect. When you were a child, I bet you engaged with the world totally different than the way you do now. Each day was full of possibility. The world was your playground. Curiosity was probably an adjective that described how you explored each moment of each day. Often, you more than likely, engaged with others with innocence, love, laughter, caring and joy. What has happened to us?

Have you had an opportunity recently to watch a child interact with those around them? Below is a video I watched, and it totally put a smile on my face. I thought, “if only I could feel comfortable enough in the “here and now” to connect with others the way these children connected with the adults in this coffee shop.” Take a look:

It is fascinating to watch how children interact with the world and how they engage in life. The beautiful lesson here is that you too can interact with the world with a fresh, childlike perspective each day. Life is not a “spectator sport”. Engage! When you see the world with childlike eyes, it provides new perspectives and will liven up your day.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can experience when you decide to see life with childlike wonder:

  • Each day is new, full of possibilities and a learning experience,

  • Your imagination is limitless

  • You think positively and you can do or be anything

  • Everyone is a possible friend,

  • You do things, “just because”, and

  • You are not constantly worried about what other people are thinking….

What do you think? Don’t these attributes seem like they would set you free? Here is a challenge for you. This weekend make a pact with yourself to look at life with a childlike perspective. Also, try to rid yourself a bit from the “ties of technology” and embrace the experience of engaging in life with all your senses. Imagine how “freeing” this could feel. Just try it. I think you will be glad you did 😊!

Have a GREAT day and a GREAT weekend!

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