Hello Friday: When Your Soul is Tired

Happy weekend! I hope you had a fun Fourth of July celebrating and spending time with family and friends.

I saw a quote online that resonated with me and felt it was really timely,“When your soul is tired, it’s not more sleep that you need. It’s adventure and nature. It’s magic and life. Go out and explore this beautiful world full of miracles!”

There are times in your life that you can feel weary, but it may not be because you are not getting enough sleep. You may feel like the energy flowing out of your body is not being replenished and that your heart, mind and soul is not being nourished. Don’t ignore this signal.Listen and heed what is shared with you. It is important to give your spirit what it needs!

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to infuse energy into your heart, mind and soul. Take a minute right now while you are reading this and ask yourself, “What is one or maybe two things that I can do this weekend to replenish my spirit and experience the magic of life? What can I do to nourish my weary soul?” Listen to what the “still, small voice inside of you is saying and GO DO IT! You are only given this moment! Don’t put off what you are being encouraged to do to breathe more life into your heart, mind and soul.

Have a magical, adventurous, soul-serving weekend!

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