Monday Motivation: Work in Progress


Good Morning. It is Monday. Another day of life is being gifted to YOU – celebrate! A mantra to embrace today and every day is, “Until Further Notice…Celebrate Everything! You are being blessed with another day of experiences that enable you to learn, grow and improve.Today, embrace that YOU are a “WORK IN PROGRESS”; this fact should make you truly happy. When you realize that you do not have to be “perfect”, you rid yourself of the pressure of “perfection” and give yourself permission to seek new opportunities, try new things, realize it is ok to not have it “all figured out” and adapt and grow as you experience your life fully. Having a growth mindset opens your mind and heart so that you lean in, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward.

This past week I was reminded of this life principle during a conversation with a very good friend. I was sharing a particular challenge I was facing, and she said, “Julie, you write about all of this in your blog. Why don’t you have this figured out? If people knew you were struggling with this, they would be shocked”. I have to say that I was taken aback from her reaction. My response was, “Yes, I do write about loving yourself and many self-improvement principles, etc. and I do so in the context of providing insight not only for others, but also for my own growth journey. I, by no means, state that I have everything figured out. I am human, just like you; and as humans, we are all “works in progress”.

That conversation is the impetus for this blog topic. None of us are perfect.We are all a work in progress. Each of us makes mistakes, and the goal is to learn from them, grow and improve. This cycle will not stop until the day that we leave this planet. Life is all about embracing the journey and being present for it; for the ups, downs, the challenges, the successes, the sorrows, the joys, etc. and evolving as a result of them; experiencing and embracing what it means to be fully alive.

Existing on this planet and embracing your humanity is more complex than “following a recipe, sticking to it and “voila” it is perfect.” If we are truly living, each of us will experience:

  • times in our life where things will not make sense,

  • times in our life where we struggle and are challenged,

  • times in our life where we will be perplexed and not able to figure things out,

  • times in our life where we make mistakes and work on correcting them, etc.

Don’t let the idea that “you are a work in progress” seem daunting. There is no “finished state of human being”, like there is a project to be done, a book to be finished, a cake to be baked, etc. This fact is what gives us hope for possibility and progress. The second you feel that you are no longer a work in progress is the second you will stop making progress. One of life’s most important challenges and gifts is; “who you are is not finite and you will continue to evolve and grow as time passes!”

Be proud to be a work in progress. Development is a journey; not a destination. Embrace a growth mindset for yourself and life:

  • Acknowledge and embrace who you are

  • Relish opportunities for improvement

  • Replace the word “failing” with the word “learning”

  • Value the process; not just the result

  • Take risks

  • Reflect on all you have learned and how you are growing

  • Take ownership over your attitude

Let go of the silly concept of “perfection” and allow yourself to make mistakes (if you are learning from them). Remember, you do not have to have it all figured out. If you did, your curiosity and craving for learning and growth would be “snuffed out”. Let this concept of continued growth be like a candle whose light illuminates your path forward.

Keep Striving. Keep Growing. Keep Learning. Keep Leaning In. Be Kind to Yourself and to Others. We are all fighting a hard battle and we are all on a growth journey.

Have a GREAT day. Have a GREAT week.

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