Hello Friday: The Symbolism of Summer

Happy Friday; Happy Weekend! We are officially one week into Summer 😊. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, the sun shines brighter and it seems like everyone is in a better mood! Just as the Earth has different weather seasons, the seasons also play a role in human mood and our consciousness. The seasons also carry a lot of symbolism, as well. For example, Autumn is a time for gratitude and preparation, Winter is a time for quiet reflection and analysis of our actions and planning. Spring represents transition, rebirth, renewal and growth, and Summer’s symbolism is nourishing and playfulness.

During the summer months, the hot sun, a life-giving force, breathes nourishment into the earth, people and animals. Summer provides us with the perfect environment to enjoy the outdoors, (without bundling up), the freedom to explore endless possibilities and embark on adventures at every turn. Summer is also a time to embrace youthfulness through parties, expressions of joy and just plain experiencing loads of fun!

Time passes so quickly. It seems as though each season passes in an instant. Before you know it, summer will be in the rearview mirror. So, enjoy the fun, youthful, adventurous time that is Summer while it is here. Be present. Experience each moment. Allow yourself to live “wild and free” and totally embrace the spirit of the season.

Have a GREAT day; Have a GREAT Weekend!

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