Hello Friday: Rise Above the Storm

Happy Friday! You have reached the end of another week… how was it? Did you notice how the energy you put out set the tone for your entire day and your interactions with others? Were you more aware of the words you used; remember each word carries energy and impacts you and those around you? Did you challenge yourself this past week to increase your “good vibrations”? If you did, I am sure you experienced upward movement of the energetic frequency on which you were vibrating.

Each week contains 168 hours. During those 168 hours you are going to experience a myriad of emotions and feelings because life serves you all kinds of situations; those that fill you with joy and those that fill you with sadness. No matter what emotions you are feeling, it is important to be conscious and present to the here and now. Were you conscious of your feelings this past week? When you are on a “high” it is easy to “go with the flow” and not be as present. When you are experiencing a “low”, it can stop you in your tracks. When faced with adversity, many times you can feel frustrated, wonder why this is happening and want to move through this as quickly as possible without truly experiencing what it has to teach you.

It is always important to feel all of your feelings(whether in joy or in sorrow). Especially in difficulty it is important to try to find some peace in the chaos or challenge that is presenting itself to you. Understand what you are to learn from the situation, and take time to acknowledge how you feel without judging. Speak to yourself with kindness and understanding. Once you truly become aware of how you are feeling; then, you can take the next step: self-love and self-care. Practicing self-love and self-care will help you increase the frequency of your energetic vibration and open up your mind, body and spirt to the insight you are being given.

When dealing with challenges, do something that “fills your cup”. Here are some thoughts:

  • Practice starting your day (and throughout the day) using words of affirmation. This will shift your brain to more a positive outlook and help you realize you can get through whatever life is serving. It will also open up your mind to see solutions to find your way through.

  • Take time to check in with your breath. Draw your attention to the breath and deeply inhale (stress) and exhale (calm). Repeat several times. Feel your muscles relax and your heart rate slow. Continue this practice and feel the stress of the situation being exhaled into the air as you let go of your worries and experience calm.

Life contains both “highs” and “lows.Especially when you are experiencing a challenge, taking care of yourself will lead to peace and enable you to vibrate on a higher frequency.

Be aware and present to what is occurring in your emotional life. Practicing self care will continue raising your energetic frequencies and vibrations 😊!

Have a GREAT weekend and “dig up more good vibrations”!!

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