Monday Motivation: Good Vibrations


Good Morning. It is Monday. Hallelujah – another day of life!! What a blessing 😊!

We live in a world of external vibrations. Vibrations create your surroundings. Our entire Universe is made up of energy and vibrational frequencies, from a cup of coffee, to your internal organs, a leaf falling from a tree, thoughts you think and words you speak, etc., all of these things are made up of energy that have a specific vibration that emanates from it. Higher level vibrations are light and more ethereal; lower level vibrations are heavy and denser.

Through the energy you put out, you have an incredible power to shift yourself, the experience others have around you and the world you live in by raising the vibrational frequency on which you interact with others and live your life. One way your energetic vibration can easily rise is through radiating good vibes. So, how do you radiate better vibes? One way is to display kindness, caring, love and compassion in your day to day life. Another sure-fire way to increase your energetic vibration is becoming more aware of your intentions; your thoughts; and your words. Intentions, thoughts and words have vibrational energy like everything else and this energy is very powerful.

The language you use is a powerful gift and words are the building blocks of your life. Use them consciously! We use words so often that we tend to be “desensitized” to the words we use, whether positive or negative. We do not pay attention to the impact our words have on our life and the energy they introduce within us and to those around us. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions lead to the manifestation of your reality. Each thought appears as a tiny bit of energy. Behind each word you use is an intention and this intention is expressed in speaking or writing and has a direct impact on your environment. Positive words whether read, written or spoken have a direct positive impact on you and your surroundings; just as negative words read, written or spoken.

What will you bathe yourself in; an ocean of positive or an ocean of negative? Remember; you are what you think. All that you are arises with your thoughts; and with your thoughts, you create your world.

The very cool thing about your life is that you have the power of choice. Choices you make can shift your focus and your energetic vibrations upward or downward. Create the life you desire. The power is within YOU. Choose to consciously work on raising your energy frequency and vibrations. Know that the positive energy you create will motivate and strengthen you and attract more good in your life.

Have a GREAT day and a GREAT week. Focus on increasing those “Good Vibrations”!

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