Monday Motivation: Fully Alive


Good Morning. It is Monday! How was your weekend? I hope you were able to slow down enough to notice, without judgement, all the little things inside and around you that are occurring in the present moment! Were you able to experience the “JOY OF NOW”? Being fully awake; in the here and now, helps you realize the possibilities that surround you and exist in your life. Truly experiencing the bloom of the present moment gives you an opportunity to “unplug” from all the noise around you and realize “the little things; the little moments; they aren’t little” (Jon Kabat-Zinn).

My intention for today’s post was to write about the challenges we face in life, learning to embrace them from a different perspective and understanding so that we gain insight and grow from those very challenges; but nature had another plan. I was awoken on Sunday morning from the most beautiful music coming from my backyard; the melodic songs from all the species of birds that frequent my feeders. At this time of the year and especially in the morning, the sound is magnified to such a degree that it sounds as if it is almost piped into my home through the speaker system. I surrendered to the moment and decided to be fully present, listening to the beautiful sonnets and concert unfolding in my backyard. It was AMAZING!

So, today I am compelled to share a reminder with you to be mindful in the way you experience each day. Our lives are so “plugged in” and “busy” that you may not even be aware of the treasure trove that surrounds you. This could easily have been the case had I jumped out of my bed directly to tend to the tasks of the morning. Fortunately, I took a few minutes to be open to and experience the “bloom of the present moment”. As I lay in bed, listening to the amplified sounds from my backyard, I was truly filled with peace, presence of mind, body and spirit, and feelings of calm. Any time you make the choice to live fully awake, you will experience what it is to be fully alive.

As I embraced the experience of the bird chorale, two thoughts came to my mind. One was from a recent mindfulness podcast that I listened to in which Joseph Campbell stated, “people are not looking for the meaning of life; they are searching for an experience of being fully alive!” Spending time on Sunday morning, honoring the here and now and being fully engaged in the moment, provided me a “glimpse” into what it feels like to “be fully alive”. The second, was a quote that popped into my mind, “Worry and sadness does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, it empties today of its strengths,” (Corrie Ten Boom).You cannot have a good today if you are ruminating over the past or contemplating tomorrow. Be. Here. Now. Where are you right now? Know that each moment is a fresh beginning.Do not worry if your mind wanders and you lose the present for a moment in time; that happens continually to each of us. If you have breath, you can bring yourself back to the present moment.

Decide today to “Be Fully Engaged in Your Life”! Be there for every moment, immersing yourself in all your life has to offer. As Elisabeth Kubler-Ross says, “It is only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth; and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, that we begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.” Remember that in this moment there is plenty of time, you are precisely where you should be and there is infinite possibility.

Have a GREAT day; be present for it 😊! Have a GREAT week; create an intention of living in the present moment. “Life is a dance; mindfulness is witnessing the dance.” (Amit Ray).

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