Hello Friday: Be Kind to Yourself

Happy Friday. How was your week? Were you more aware of your thought diet? What did you serve yourself on the platter of your mind? Were you more sensitive to what you were thinking and saying to yourself?

As you become more aware of your thought and word diet, you can direct it toward any path you choose. You begin to understand yourself and your needs. You can begin to be a best friend to yourself. Often it is easier to play this role for someone else. Can you do it for yourself? Can you be your own best friend?

What are some characteristics of “best friends”? Best friends give loving and sound advice. Best friends cheer for you. Best friends support you as you grow and evolve. Best friends don’t let you beat up on yourself when you make a mistake, take a risk or show vulnerability. Best friends support, care for and have compassion for you in thoughtful ways day to day. Are you able to become more aware of what you are saying to yourself; instead of being a critic can you be a caregiver to you? Are you able to provide yourself some “Tender Loving Care” each day? Can you learn to be your own best friend?

Slowing down enough to understand what you are serving you on the platter of your mind, is a step toward being a better friend to yourself. Your peace and happiness belong to you; only you can give it to yourself and only you can take it away.Instead of looking “outside” for goodness; look within, cultivate your own goodness; then, you will start seeing it everywhere!

I ask again, “How was your thought diet this past week?” Take this follow up survey. How did the changes you made impact your life? As you move forward each day continue the “cleanse”. BE AWARE of and then CHANGE your thought and word diet. It WILL make a positive impact in your life!

Have a great day. Have a great weekend!

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