Monday Motivation: Your Thought Diet


Good Morning. It is Monday. How was your weekend? Were you more aware of the positive in your life? Did you take any 2-minute kindness breaks? Remember the quote from Zig Ziglar, life is an echo; what you put out there comes back to you. So, be mindful of what you put out there; what you tell yourself. The thoughts you think, the words you speak create your world, your experience.

Have you thought about the kind of world you are creating for yourself? What are you serving to yourself every day on the platter of your mind?” Is your thought diet healthy or are you engaging in a thought diet of junk food? It is Spring 😊. Right now, you may be in the “mode of spring cleaning”; cleaning your yard, cleaning your house and even cleaning up your diet so you can feel as though you are in better shape for the season ahead. You spend so much time getting things “ship shape” in your external world; but what about your internal world? Do you take the same effort to clean your thoughts; your words; your mind? Have you every stopped to really listen to your inner voice? Does it sound most like a “critic” or does it sound like a “cheerleader”? If you spent a fraction of the time tending to your thought diet, your internal world, with the same gusto you go after your external world, can you imagine the impact it would have in your life?

The first step is becoming aware of what you are thinking and saying to yourself. Second, purposefully adjusting your thoughts and your inner voice from negative to positive. This affirmative change will impact the energetic vibration on which you operate and the outcomes you will achieve. You will see things through a lens that is more “clean and bright”. The way in which you respond to life situations will be markedly different. Your responses will be crafted from a place of possibilities, visualizing solutions that were literally closed to you before. Why? Well, for starters, your brain has a lot to do with it. Your brain’s job is to keep you alive and well each day. So, your brain scans the environment constantly to ensure you are safe. From your brain’s perspective, BAD is stronger than GOOD. So, you must do some work to prime your brain to see the positive.

Research shows that when your brain is in a more positive place, you see things from:

  • A broader perspective,

  • Problem solving skills are enhanced,

  • Risk taking and innovation increase,

  • Collaboration and communication skills are increased, and

  • You will be happier, live a life filled with more joy, possibility, opportunities and solutions.

Where do you begin? Becoming more aware of your thought diet is a first step. If the ultimate source of happiness and joy is your mental attitude, then begin to prime your brain to see things first, from a positive vs. negative perspective.

Here are some ideas to try to change your thought diet:

  • Select an accountability partner that also wants to change their “thought diet”. You will be more successful achieving a goal if you share the goal, commit to the change, and report your progress daily,

  • Start each day with a positive affirmation or mantra (say it aloud or silently several times). Place it somewhere visible so that you will be reminded throughout the day,

  • Slow Down. Be aware of your thoughts. Provide yourself visual reminders that you are trying to “Think and Speak Affirmatively”. Catch yourself during the day when you are thinking and/or saying something negative. Change it in the moment. Reframe your thoughts. This helps you build better habits in this area,

  • Select time(s) each day to reflect on your thought/speaking patterns. Write down how you are doing. Doing this each day will help you to celebrate the progress you are making and be aware of the impact this change is making in your life.

Bring your “best brain” to all aspects of your life and see how it contributes to you achieving more happiness, joy and better outcomes. If 10% of life is what happens to you and 90% is how you react to it; then, reacting from a place of possibility vs. problem will surely make a difference. “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” (Talmud). So, if you begin to change your perspective: less negative, more positive; less problem; more possibility, the way you see and react to the world around you will change.

Are you willing to try to put this into practice in your life right now? Are you willing to shift your thought and word diet? There is no time like present. Take this quick survey and gain insight about what you are serving you on the platter of your mind. Are the thoughts you think and the words you speak more negative or positive? Be truthful. Then, put into practice some of the suggestions above to make a change; or create a practice that resonates for you. On Friday, take another quick survey to see how the changes you made impacted your life.

Be aware of your thought and word diet. Shift it. See what happens. Take the Healthy Mind Challenge and begin the “cleanse”. Awareness is key to change. Only when you are aware, can you begin to change the pattern.

Have a GREAT day; Have a GREAT week!

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