Hello Friday: You are a Window

Happy Friday. The weekend is already upon us; time has truly been flying by! I hope you had a GREAT week and can wind down so that you are able to experience a truly phenomenal weekend of connection, caring, and relaxation.

Life is here. Life is now. Life is magical and full of possibilities. There is opportunity everywhere. As Henry David Thoreau says, “It is not what you look at that matters…it is what you see.” Therefore, it is important to remember to see yourself “clean and bright” because YOU are the window through which you are seeing the world. You are the light through which your life shines. How clean is your window? How bright is your light shining?

There may be times in your life that your window may be a bit cloudy and your light may be a bit dull for one reason or another; that happens to all of us. If that is happening to you, it is important to decipher “why” so that your vision does not continue to be clouded and your light muted. Do whatever you need to do to cleanse your mind, thoughts, and conscience so that your life blossoms. Open your mind, soul, and heart to whatever helps you grow and move your life forward. If that means forgiving yourself or others for past transgressions; do it! This act alone will provide you the freedom you need to move forward and experience a new lease on your life.

Look within; the secret is inside of you. The way you define yourself is the way you will act! Take one step today and each day to move yourself toward experiencing your life through a “clean and bright” window. Be what you want to see in your life, and you will magnetize those things back to you!

Have a Great Day and a Great Weekend.

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