Monday Motivation: Share your Joy


Good Morning. It is Monday. As I sit here writing this blog (Sunday), I am once again looking out the window and what a difference from last Thursday! The sun is shining (it is NOT thunder snowing)! The birds outside are still plentiful and chirping, (but with a totally different swagger and tone than they had last week); as though they are saying, “made it through that storm and now experiencing the ‘rainbow’; life is GOOD!” Yes; life is good 😊!

This past weekend, were you able to spend some time incorporating laughter into your life? I hope so. When you do that, no matter what challenges you are experiencing, you will see them through a different lens. Your energetic vibrations will be lifted higher, possibilities will open for you and your brain will see and react to the world through a “positivity bias.” This is a more optimal place to be; engaging in your life from a more positive, joyful and relaxed perspective. This should be something that you continue and make a “work in progress” in your life!

This past Friday, I “experienced” a seminar conducted by Fun is Good LLC, 😊. The theme of the seminar was: Be Extraordinary. Be Brave. Be Joyful! If you ever get an opportunity to attend one of their sessions – DO IT! We broached topics like: The Power of Fun, Dreaming Big, Why You & Kindness Are Good For Business and Life, The Power of Creativity Through Breaking Some Rules and Creating Joy & Passion in Your Workplace & Career. I smiled and laughed, at a minimum, 100 times during that afternoon (and I am being conservative). Remember, in my Friday article I compared the ratio of laughter and joy we as adults experience daily to that of children; and we adults are woefully behind, sadly! Why have we lost our ability to engage with the world through fresh eyes and childlike wonder? Why do we feel that we are too “grown up” for a mindset of play as we try to achieve our goals?

The research is clear, both individually for people and for business, that better outcomes are achieved when we create environments where:

  • You feel safe and included,

  • You feel like you can be yourself,

  • You don’t have to know all the answers,

  • You feel like you can challenge status quo, can bring your questions and ideas, for a potential better outcome,

  • You actively engage with one another in a way that allows you to have both personal and professional connections,

  • You feel like you can bring your joy and passion for the good of all, and

  • You feel part of a team, like “we are in this together”, “all for one and one for all”, just to name a few.

When environments are created like I’ve noted above, brains just engage much better and much more effectively. A “toward” vs an “away” state is created, and it is proven that this type of environment increases your ability to take risks, innovate, communicate and collaborate, problem solve, and broader perspectives are taken into consideration, etc. A Win/Win for all 😊!

So, if we know that incorporating these things into our personal and work world will make us healthier and happier as individuals and as a business (in terms of our experiences and outcomes), why do we resist? What is “the tape” each of us plays that sounds like “it is ok to have these things in our personal life, but when it comes to work it cannot be this way?” Why do we believe that we can bifurcate our existence (how/who we are when we are at work vs. how/who we are when we are not at work); when in fact that is not healthy and, in the end, not possible? As we try to do this, we become more and more unhappy ☹!

The Good News – it is possible to create an environment where high expectations are laid out and achieved, while at the same time nurturing the people that are achieving those goals. It is not one or the other; it is both, at the same time (as Mike Robbins discusses in his Ted Talk about “Bringing Your Whole Self to Work”)! He states that nurturing is all about “seeing, valuing, and hearing” those around you and appreciating those around you not only for “what they do”, but also for “who they are”. In fact, if you do both, people are more engaged and motivated and outcomes do soar (Revenue, Operating Profit, Sales, Productivity), etc.

Why am I sharing all of this? Because I believe that by incorporating these behaviors into your life you can make an impact in your world personally, professionally, the businesses you lead and are a part of. Yes, it does not have to be just your “personal” world. You can impact your work world too. How? Show up sharing your joy, passion and positivity. You can be part of creating a work environment that is fun, creative, productive, and collaborative. Care for and connect with those around you. Enjoy what you do, with whom you do it and for whom you do it each day; that is a definition of success, for individuals and organizations.

In closing, I leave you with some words from Joan Steffend, (who spoke on Kindness and Authenticity at the Fun Is Good seminar), “Know Who You Are”, “Be Who You Are”, “Share Who You Are”, “Change the World!”

Have a Great Day and a Great Week!

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