Hello Friday: Be Bold. Be Brave. Raise Your Hand.

Happy Friday! The weekend is here and it is spring; now it doesn’t get any better than that, does it? Make sure you schedule time to get out and enjoy it – it truly is good for your well-being. Another thing that is good for your well-being is today’s message; it is all about “Finding Your Brave!”

This past week I heard a PHENOMENAL news story; yes, a positive news story, (they are out there and there are more of them than you realize; you just need to open your ears, eyes and mind to them). The Today Show, Monday, 3/25/19, featured a young girl, 11 year old Alice Paul Tapper, who wrote a book entitled, “Raise Your Hand,” and she also worked with her Girl Scout troop to create a patch that Girl Scouts could earn when they help other girls find their confidence, speak up, step up and become more comfortable with who they are! She heard from Oprah, was on the Ellen show, wrote an Op Ed for the NY Times, and was interviewed on the Today show, etc.,😊

What was the impetus behind Alice’s mission? She began to observe the girls in her class not raising their hand to respond when their teacher asked a question. Conversely, she noticed that the boys in her class raised their hands consistently to respond to the teacher’s questions. This made her curious and she asked the girls in her class why they did not raise their hand to respond. They stated that they were not sure if they had the answer 100% correct and if they were wrong they did not want people to laugh at them. Alice reflected and realized that she too, like the other girls in her class, was reticent to respond because she did not want to be ridiculed. This made her more curious. She talked with her mom, her Girl Scout troop and when speaking to other girls outside of her class Alice heard the same concerns. She realized that it doesn’t matter if you don’t always know the exact right answer; that is how you learn! So, Alice went into action starting a movement that encourages girls to be more confident and speak up (Be Bold, Be Brave, Raise Your Hand)! To learn more, listen to Hoda Kotb’s interview with Alice. You will be inspired!

What can you take away from this story today? Be courageous in all aspects of your life. Speak more boldly, share your ideas and opinions, and stand up courageously for yourself and others. When you do this, everything changes! Overcome any concerns you have about being rejected or isolated because of your thoughts, ideas, or responses. Communicate, connect, contribute and share your knowledge and insights. You are unique and were put on this planet to make a difference. If you do not lean in and actively participate, you and those around you will definitely miss out.

What you have to offer is Good Enough. You are Good Enough. No one knows the answer to every question or has the solution to every problem; but, if you don’t share your thoughts and ideas, the best outcomes will never be found. The world is a better place because you are in it; what is there to be afraid of? Everyone learns and benefits when you are bold enough to speak up.

HOW BIG is YOUR BRAVE? Below is a link to Sara Bareilles’ video of her song, Brave. Listen to the words; watch the joy. Let this be your mantra and theme song each day. “Say what you wanna say; and let the words fall out; honestly, I wanna see you be brave…” Live a fulfilled, joyful life and know you are worthy!

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be YOU!

Have a great day and a great weekend!

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