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Good Morning and Happy Monday 😊! You are stepping into the last full week of March; where did the time go? Outside, life is beginning to bloom; you can see the signs everywhere you look. How about making a pact with yourself that you will match that “blooming” on your inside, ok? You and your life are in a constant state of design. You are designer; that means, you have the power to redesign whenever you choose. If there is anything that you choose to change so that you can fly higher; then I say do it 😊! Embrace all of who you are and who you are meant to be. Know that YOU ARE AWESOME!!

Those who know me, are aware that I am a “lover of nature”; specifically, I really feel connected to our fine feathered friends. So much so, that for the past approximately 7 years, I’ve built a ‘sort of’ bird sanctuary in my backyard. It provides a ‘get away’ from the stress and pace that life can bring. While watching the birds can provide relaxation and a sense of calm, there is also insight to be gained and true lessons for life that can be learned. This week I want to share some insight about one of our most majestic birds, the eagle, and the life lesson that can be learned.

Flying like an Eagle requires comfort with change:

  • The eagle soars higher than any other bird and flies where no other bird can fly; but, learning how to take flight does not start out so smoothly. When mama eagle prepares her nest for her young, it is a very comfortable and comforting place. Sticks and twigs are at the base and then she creates soft, comfortable layers on the top for her babies to rest. When her eaglets are ready to learn to fly, mama eagle begins to remove the comfort layers from the nest, exposing the twigs and sticks (making it uncomfortable ☹). Then, as if that is not enough, she throws the eaglets out of the nest. Fear ensues and the eaglet tries to jump back into the nest; but that doesn’t stop mama eagle and her tough love continues. Mama eagle continues throwing the eaglet from the nest, and each time this happens, the eaglets (bodies a little bloodied from the poking of the twigs and sticks left at the base of the nest) are shrieking loudly from fear and trying to jump back into the nest for safety. You might be thinking, “come on mama eagle, this seems so heartless…” Well, there is a method to her madness. Mama eagle repeats this process with her young until they begin to flap their wings and fly. Each time this occurs and with each flap, the eaglet gets stronger and stronger. Suddenly, the eaglet soars into the sky, higher and higher; rising above the pain and the challenge of mama eagle’s life lesson. The nest the eaglet experienced was a blessing for a time; but at some point, that nest can be a hindrance. If that eaglet wasn’t pushed into a “scary place”, they would never discover their wings, soar to great heights and reach their destiny.

  • Ask yourself, “what can I learn from this lesson of nature?”There is a quote that states, “The comfort zone can be a beautiful place, but there is no growth there.” In order to soar to greater heights, you may need to experience or be pushed out of the nest and into a “scary place”, much like the eaglets. If you are experiencing the pain of being nudged by a twig or stick in your life, ask yourself, “what is this telling me?” It may mean that there is nothing more for you where you and it may be time to move on, grow and spread your wings. Don’t be intimidated. It is usually in the “scary places” that you discover talent you did not know you had. If you did not leave or get pushed from the nest, you would never discover your wings.

If you are wanting to move on to the next chapter of your life (personally or professionally), learn from the eagle. Your next adventure waits for you to seize it; yet it may come with some uncertainly, or even fear. If you don’t make the change; you may miss out on some joy. You can successfully make whatever change you choose and be victorious. It is within your power. You just need to lean forward and jump out of your nest of comfort to live the life you have imagined; to reach the goals you have set for yourself. If you are already out of the “nest” and it seems a little frightening; know that, most often, it is not until you leave “the familiar” and step into “the unknown” that you can soar to new heights and reach your full potential.

Think about the lyrics of the Steve Miller Band, “I want to fly like an eagle to the sea; fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me; I want to fly like an eagle; ‘til I’m free….”

Do you want to fly like an eagle? Do you want your spirit to be free? Your future is waiting. It is within your reach! Aim High and Fly!

Have a GREAT day and a GREAT week!

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