Hello Friday: Say YES to Possibility and Joy

Happy Friday! How was your week? I hope GREAT. Well, it is official; it is no longer just “meteorological” spring; on Wednesday, (3/20), the vernal equinox arrived. Spring has sprung 😊!! Take several deep breaths; breathe in New Vibrant Life; Breathe Out the Old Cobwebs of Winter. Do this several times; it does a mind, body and spirit good. How do you feel? Refreshed 😊? I hope so!

This weekend, take the opportunity to really SEE, HEAR and SMELL the signs of new life that surround you. Be present and notice the here and now. Daylight is longer; the air smells different; the chirps of the birds are upbeat and melodic. They truly sound like they have a “spring in their step!” All these signs surely put a smile on your face, right?

Ask yourself, “do I have a spring in my step today?” If ‘yes’, GREAT; continue this path and continue to see the world through newness and fresh eyes this spring season. If your answer to the previous question was ‘not really’; ask yourself, why? Explore this a bit; reflect on it. Do not let any circumstance you are facing take your joy away from this day; this season; or life in general!

Say YES to LIVING! Say YES to being HOPEFUL! Live a life illuminated by POSSIBILITY AND JOY! Choose to raise your energetic vibration. Doing all these things will not mean that you won’t face challenges; but, when you do it will prompt you to choose a mindset and response that sounds like, “I am going to go at this one more time, or why is this happening for me?” The attitude and response you choose to life’s twists and turns is the necessary ingredient to either be a Victim or Victor. Choose to be a VICTOR this moment; Be a VICTOR today and in every circumstance you encounter.

Remember, YOU are a WINNER. Choose a winning attitude and see what wonderful opportunities and experiences come your way. In this new season, be on the look out for life to show you ABUNDANCE. Be aware and open your mind, eyes and heart to every good thing that is coming your way. You will be amazed at the results!

Have a GREAT day and a GREAT weekend.

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