Hello Friday: Dreams are Illustrations Your Soul is Writing About You

Happy Friday; how has your week gone? Can you believe that Friday is already here? Time flies by so fast. Do your days seem to get so occupied with task lists and to do’s that it seems as though you are living encumbered by them? Are there times that you feel your focus is so much on the short term that you have lost sight of your bigger picture; your long-term goals; your dreams?

Think about this quote from Bob Marley, “Open your eyes; look within; are you satisfied with the life you are living?”

I realize that each day you have responsibilities and items that are important to complete; but, know that you are much more than the tasks that are on your checklist. You have dreams. Be mindful of your dream(s) and promise yourself that you will do at least one thing each day that brings you closer to fulfilling your dream(s); that is important!

Do not spend your life waiting for the “right time” to dare to move toward your vision of your future. Do not wait for another’s permission. Give yourself permission today and every day to move forward to the life you have envisioned for yourself.

Each day, you are gifted with 86,400 seconds. Choose to use some of those seconds doing one thing to move you closer to your desires; so that you achieve the life you are imagining.

I close with a poem by Cleo Wade from her book, “Heart Talk, poetic wisdom for a better life”, entitled, be heard:

sing your song

if that is what is inside of you,

sing your own song

do your soul that favor

Live your life to the fullest; have a great day and a great weekend!

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