You Can't Plan Results

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

I find a lot of comfort in having a plan. I am the queen of itineraries and to-do lists. If I am participating in something that does not have an itinerary, I will often make one for myself based on the information I have been given (and then will it upon my friends and family). This has been a huge stress management tool for me.

The problem is, sometimes itineraries, plans, and to-do lists need to be adjusted or thrown out the window completely. Even the best laid plans are subject to being disrupted. After all, the only constant is change.

In the past, this uncertainty has caused me a lot of anxiety and negative emotion, but in an always changing landscape that is life, I have started to shift my thinking. I've been learning to embrace the unknown, think on my feet, and see the "disruption" in my plans as an opportunity to learn and grow.

You can make plans, you just can't plan the results. Replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity.

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