Monday Motivation - A Period of New Beginning


Good Morning. It is Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and you were able to do something that truly made you feel “ALIVE”! You are embarking on the first full week of March 😊. It already has been “feeling” different, hasn’t it? Days are longer and the birds’ songs seem different; brighter, louder and more energetic. Each day, like our fine feathered friends, you can make the choice to live more energetically. Life is so much more than just getting by; it is all about looking forward, leaning in and chasing your dreams. Know that every day is filled with magical moments containing opportunities for something good, something special and something more. Be on the lookout for them and embrace them every day! Live your life LARGE and OUT LOUD; appreciating more, enjoying more, noticing more and doing more of what you love!

The long gray winter is coming to an end. Meteorological spring is here and soon the vernal equinox (March 22); spring is truly right around the corner. Webster’s dictionary refers to spring as “any period of new beginning.” Out with the old and in with the new. Often, we only hear that phrase during the New Year; but spring is truly a time of rebirth, renewal and an awakening. When you think of the words rebirth and renewal, you may be thinking of it as “something old dies and something new is born.” Why not use Spring (the season of renewal) as your reminder to get rid of things that are dragging you down and stealing or deflating your joy?

Spring is a fresh, new cycle for you. It is a cycle in which you can plant new seeds in your life and then help them grow in better, more healthy ways. Use this season as a time for a new beginning in your life; part ways with areas and aspects of your life that do not fully serve you. The process of letting go and leaving behind helps you create space for something new.

Spring is a great time of year for you to “awaken” to who you are and begin your very own personal transformation. This is a time for making choices and taking inspired actions. It is about establishing commitments and “springing forward”. Do you feel a yearning for growth in your life? Do you feel inspired to plant new seeds of change? Make a commitment to YOU to renew your life and awaken to the new season. Create a new habit or two that will propel you forward. Start by “reframing”. Create a picture in your mind’s eye of how you want your life to be; then, begin to shake it up through your new behaviors; getting rid of the “dormancy” of winter. Plant some new ideas so that growth sprouts for you. Below are several ideas about shifting your mindset that I gathered from different articles on Spring Renewal and New Beginnings.

Shift your mindset; treat it like a garden – in every garden there is a time to plant, pull weeds and sit back and enjoy the fruit of your labor. Spring is a great time to tend to your mindset, by planting and cultivating a “healthy mind garden”.

  • Planting – cultivate a new practice. Plant seeds of gratitude, positivity and kindness. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Three good things: at the end of each day write down three good things that happened, share them with a partner,

  2. Reframe your experiences to attract positivity: pick an incident or interaction you perceived as negative and change the story to have a positive outcome; perhaps a lesson you learned or something good that came from the bad, and

  3. Random Act of Kindness: do something unexpected and good for someone.

  • Pulling Weeds – Examine negative thoughts that come to your mind. Like weeds, you can make the decision to pull them. Remember, your brain takes shape from what it continually thinks about and rests upon. So, if you are in a continued state of worry, anger, self-doubt, stress, etc. your brain will continue to react and respond to life from that perspective. Tending to the “weeds of your mind” takes ongoing, conscious effort or the weeds will sprout up again just like they do in a garden. So,first you need to notice the weeds, then decide which weeds you want pulled and last, make sure you pull these weeds from the roots, so they are gone forever 😊!

  • Enjoy – Be present with your thoughts. Become more self-aware. Set aside time without distractions and detach yourself from the nonstop, electronic and social demands of your daily life. When you schedule some dedicated time for yourself, you can ground yourself and reconnect with a simpler form of YOU.

The message of spring is simply: You too can begin again. The past is over and done. You can make a fresh start and become a new creature – the one you were meant to be.

Enjoy planting your new garden of opportunity and growth. Be receptive to unforeseen possibilities and remember to be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you may become.

Have a GREAT day and a GREAT week.

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