Hello Friday - Spring Cleaning of the Soul & Spirit

Happy Friday & Happy March! In the blink of an eye, we have the vernal equinox in sight (hallelujah!). Did you know that March 1 is the start of meteorological Spring? Though it may still feel (and look) like a “frozen tundra” for most of us, let’s begin shifting our mindset to the time of year that signifies rebirth, renewal and a time of awakening.

Not only does the earth go through the process of reawakening from her slumber, blossoming with new life, you can too 😊! Often times we place our focus on Spring cleaning outward, but my challenge to you (this Spring) is to shift some of those efforts inward to your heart, mind, spirit, and soul. Let’s approach this new season as a gift and opportunity for growth. So, to get started on your “internal spring cleaning journey”, pick an area of focus. Don’t overwhelm yourself by starting with a large number of items to tackle. Once you have chosen the area you would like to work on, start slow and try to incorporate it into the cadence of your daily life. Following are a couple of ideas to begin with:

  • Awareness – Being aware always gives you insight and the power to be in charge. So, to begin increasing your awareness, several times throughout the day stop and say to yourself, “I am aware”. Then, reflect/pause and see what you become more aware of; maybe it is your surroundings, messages you are receiving from your inner voice, reactions others are having to you, reactions you are having to others, etc. Being fully aware helps you become more “awake” to what is going on around you. It also provides you the space and time to choose your reactions and response to situations you encounter,

  • Cleanse Your Mind – Choose a day for mental cleansing. Then, on that day take steps to free yourself of past events that still bother you. Maybe you could write a letter to yourself to get out those lingering feelings that are still bothersome; or buy a journal where you can, on an ongoing basis, write in it and use as an outlet for emotions, regrets, worries. It is important not to push those emotions away, but to work through them; harness them and move on with a new perspective.

Those are just a couple of ideas to start. Most important is to realize that this is not an overnight solution. Plant the seed, water it, and it will grow. Begin with one thought or intention to start your journey of renewal. In time, your vision will become reality!

Have a GREAT day and a GREAT weekend!

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