Hello Friday - Your Wildest Dreams

Happy Friday! The weekend is almost here. I hope you had a GREAT week! Following is an important life lesson:

Often, the goals we create seem to be standard, practical, or safe. All of us do this; but, there is a high probability that deep down you have some “secret dream” or “desire” in your heart that you do not mention or talk about because you might think, “that is silly” or “that will never happen” or “I won’t be able to achieve that”… and so on. Why do we say this to ourselves? Maybe, we should be a bit bolder. What if you decided to start constructing your “possibilities”this weekend?

This weekend take time to create a “Crazy” list. These might be things that you have in your heart to achieve but do not believe can happen. Write them down. Don’t stop there. While you are in process of writing down these ideas, other ideas may “pop” into your consciousness. Write those down too. This exercise can be fun and will put a smile on your face😊. Doing this exercise will also begin to shift your brain into a space of possibility and positivity. True brainstorming!

When you are done, take one of them and write it on another piece of paper. You may also want to create a plan; but, if you choose not to create a plan right now, just write the desire on the piece of paper. Keep it in front of you (in your notebook, journal, bedside table, etc.); somewhere you will be reminded of this dream. Do with it what you will, but do not let your dreams, passions, desires, big hairy audacious goals (BHAG’s) die!

Your dreams will only be impossible if you create that mindset construct. So, create a different construct. Here is a quote that represents that thought:

“Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” – Brandt Paul

Live Large. Dream Big. You will achieve your goals. You will achieve your dreams. Believe in YOU!

Have a great day and a great weekend.

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