Monday Motivation: Celebration


Good Morning! It is Monday 😊. It is also the morning of Christmas Eve (for those who celebrate this holiday). After much preparation, it is now time to CELEBRATE. So, my advice to you is “Be. Here. Now”. Please make sure you take time to be fully present and experience the celebration. Please choose and experience joy! While we are all different and our holidays don’t all look the same; there is one thing that is universal “celebration and joy” 😊!

My word this week is “celebration”. Why is celebration important? Celebration is good for your health, happiness and plays an important role in your connection with others. Research suggests that cultivating an attitude of celebration increases your energy, your desire to help others and decreases stress and anxiety. Ensuring that celebration is an important part of your life also increases your feelings of well-being, optimism and satisfaction.

There is something deep inside all of us that loves a celebration. Our social brains are wired for and strive for meaning and connection. It is as basic as the air you breathe. When you celebrate with one another, it reminds you of the purpose of your life, the power of your personal relationships, and provides insight and appreciation for what you have.

Celebrations give you something to look forward to, provide a change of pace and a needed break. Celebrating allows you to relax and unwind amidst your hectic schedule. When you are “in the now” and truly celebrating, stress seems to fall behind you as you are focused on spending time with people you love.

As you celebrate this holiday surrounded by those you care about, remember:

  • You are cultivating a sense of community: one of the most important times to bond with those you care about is when you are coming together for a special occasion. This time allows you to bond at a deeper, more profound level than your normal day to day interactions. Don’t miss the opportunity!

  • You are creating lasting, fond memories: our minds tend to recall memories that carry a high emotional charge to them. When you are celebrating special occasions, you are placing a “bookmark” on them; making it easier to remember them in the future. Your mind then, can relive those pleasant experiences at another time and remember the happy times in your life. Truly this will put a smile on your face😊!

  • You are adding fun and excitement to your life:celebrations can be fun and allow you the opportunity to engage in much joy. The little kid in you still relishes the excitement of a celebration. Do not let him/her down!Experience this celebration with a “childlike wonder”.

‘Tis the season to be thankful for and embrace those you love. Celebrating, whether big or small; is important to do! Through celebrating, you are reminded of the good things in life! Celebrating makes your life richer and fuller!

Have a great holiday – be present for every wonderful moment! Life is a gift. Unwrap it; be awake for it; and fully experience the “bloom of the present moment”.

Take Care.

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