Hello Friday: The Benefits of Laughter

Happy Friday! I hope you were able to take time for some self-care amidst all of your other “to-do list” items this week. An important part of self-care (and an overall happy life) is laughter. Laughter not only makes us feel good, but it is also contagious and makes those around us feel good too 😊! We all know that laughing feels amazing and fuels us, but there are a few other added benefits to laughter that you may not realize.

According to LOA (Laughter Online University), the benefits of laughter are multifaceted:

  1. Physiological benefits: laughter is a therapeutic ally in healing and a valuable form of preventive and complementary medicine. It provides important natural defenses against illness.

  2. Mental benefits: laughter diffuses bad stress, enhances problem-solving skills, and creates a new perspective.

  3. Emotional benefits: laughter elevates moods, counteracts depression symptoms.

  4. Social benefits: laughter fosters better communication, and improves cooperation and empathy between people. It is a significant lubricant of human communication and relationships.

  5. Spiritual wellbeing: choosing to laugh and be positive teaches us to choose to live and be at peace with others, with our self and with our environment in our current situation. It helps us build resilience to stress and find meaning in life.

If it wasn’t enough that laughter just feels good and makes our soul’s happy; all of these added benefits can motivate us to try to laugh a little harder, a little more often, and start creating a habit of trying to find humor in the every day.

Have a great weekend. May it be filled with happiness and laughter. Take Care.

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