Your Soul is a Garden

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

I have always been a crier (and not the happy, joyful tears kind). When I am feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, sad, angry, embarrassed, or hurt, my gut reaction is to cry. For the longest time I thought that tears were weak. That I was weak. That by letting the waterworks go, that I was somehow less of an adult; a crybaby.

Several years ago, I was expressing to a friend that letting my emotions come out in the form of tears embarrassed me and made me feel small. That wearing my heart on my sleeve and feeling my emotions strongly was "a problem" I felt I needed to deal with. She said something to me that gave me new insight:

"Tears water the garden that is your soul. Your soul is filled with beauty because of those tears."

The aha moment was one of the most valuable that I have had to date. It has allowed me to embrace my emotion and tears and value it as an asset, not a problem. The tears allow me to move through my sadness, frustration, anger. After all, the only way out is through.

(Butchart Gardens, Canada)

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