Awe is an emotion comparable to wonder. To experience “awe” is to feel like you are in the presence of something larger than yourself; whether it is a natural wonder, a work of art or feelings that may be elicited during the holiday season. The holidays can be a magical time and a time when you can experience a sense of awe.

Research suggests that experiencing a sense of awe can make you healthier, happier, humble and feel more connected to the people around you. During this holiday season, consider setting a simple intention to experience a sense of awe each day. Take notice, be present and marvel at the world around you. Fall in love with life; fall in love with the holidays again 😊.

Here are some things you can do to experience the sense of “awe” more often this holiday season:

  • Slow down, be present and aware of the magic of the holiday season – listen to holiday music, go out and gaze at holiday lights, watch holiday movies and see the holidays through the eyes of children;

  • Memory Lane/Reminisce – look at holiday photos, look at special ornaments that hold cherished memories, share holiday memories and stories with family and friends, stick with your holiday traditions;

  • Give Good – dedicate time and energy to giving. Donate toys, adopt a family, sponsor a child;

  • Spend time outside – look up at the sky, build a snowman, watch the snowflakes fall, hike in nature;

  • Be a kid – build a gingerbread house, take time to decorate a few gifts, stop and laugh, decorate the Christmas tree; and

  • Live the magic – open your inner Santa – give more, thank more, love more, be more.

Awe motivates people to do things that enhance the greater good and shift their focus from self to other. This year, instead of feeling overwhelmed during the holidays, insist on experiencing a little “awe” each day.

Cheers to a holiday season filled with awe.

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