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Good Morning – it is Monday! I hope you had a great weekend spending time with friends and family creating memories 😊. Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles; notice them! Delight in the little things. “Do not wait for life. Do not long for it. Be aware, always and at every moment, that the miracle is in the here and now” (Marcel Proust).

Our lives are moving so quickly. Each year during the holiday season it seems to move even faster. Events and obligations stack up, and before you realize it, you have committed to one gathering after another and the calendar is FULL from now through New Year’s Day. All these events can certainly be tons of fun; but they can be exhausting as well. They can also inundate your time and they can begin to feel like a distraction from the connection, togetherness and joy that you are more than likely striving to experience during the holiday season. Each of us can be so focused on “what’s next” that we miss the opportunity to connect with people in the here and now.

What if you shifted your mindset and set aside the typical “holiday chaos” and decided to enjoy the simple pleasures and spontaneous experiences? Would that infuse a little more joy and wonder into your holiday season? This is YOUR LIFE! This is YOUR HOLIDAY SEASON! Reconnect with what is important to you. Each of us is given 24 hours each day. You can always find time for the things that YOU put first. Your happiness this holiday season is in your hands. Make it a priority. Make time to do the things that will provide you happiness. We do not remember days; we remember moments. What kind of moments do you want to create? Do you yearn for a holiday filled with heart, soul and authentic interactions? You can start by cultivating connections with those around you. Connecting can be really simple and it is through connections with others that we find life’s biggest rewards.

Here are some easy, simple tips to deepen your connections with others:

  • Smile – Smiling at another person is one of the simplest ways to connect and it only takes a second. It can be a bright smile to a passing stranger or a tender smile to a close friend or loved one. Smiling is one of the easiest ways to create deeper connections. You never know when your smile will come at just the right time and have the positive effect the receiver of your smile may need 😊.

  • Make eye contact – Whether you are passing by a stranger or engaging with a friend, make eye contact. It is a simple, powerful way to connect at a deeper level. In today’s busy world, many people feel unseen and under-appreciated. Making eye contact allows you to be present with others and creates trust and safety that allow deeper connections.

  • Listen with your heart – Pay attention to how you listen to others. While you listen are you already formulating your response? Are you listening to your own inner dialogue and making assumptions or judgements about the other person? When you listen from your heart, rather than your head, you can be present while someone shares. Give the gift of “really hearing” what those around you are saying. This gift will deepen levels of trust and connection with them.

  • Communicate consciously – Show up in the conversation. Employ heartfelt dialogue. Be in the conversation; rather than putting on a performance. Truly share your feelings about the topics you are discussing. Practice present, mindful communication.

  • Actively love – practice doing things for and with people to demonstrate your feelings for them. Practice random acts of kindness, make someone laugh, offer a helping hand, be there for someone who needs a shoulder. Loving gestures are more powerful than any purchased gift. As Maya Angelou says, “people will forget what you said; people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” 😊.

  • Schedule quality time – Look at your calendar and schedule time to be with friends, loved ones, and even block out some quiet time for yourself to sit and reflect. Making time with others will shift the quality of your relationships. Carving time out for yourself will enhance your ability to relate with others.

  • Be authentic – “Be yourself; everyone else is taken” (Oscar Wilde). A big mistake you can make in any relationship is trying to be someone you are not. Share yourself with those you care about; this also provides others the safety net to share themselves with you.

This holiday season make it a priority to take time to connect and reconnect with those around you. “Treasure each other in the recognition that we do not know how long we have with each other” (Joshua Loth Liebman).

Have a great week taking time to do those things and make those connections that really matter!

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