Hello Friday - Stop & Smell the Roses

Happy Friday. We are one week away from Thanksgiving and the “official start” of the holiday rush. As you prepare for the holiday season, you can create so many “to do’s” that you can begin feeling like you don’t have enough time to stop and take a breath; let alone stop and smell the roses. With Thanksgiving week upon us, be conscious of trying to slow down, pausing and enjoying every experience, in particular, your connection with other people. It seems we are all so busy. There are so many details, so many calls to make and so many things to look after, that we barely have time for a sincere and genuine interest in others. We are encouraged to “stop and smell the roses”; but many of us do not heed this call and really appreciate the wisdom of these words.

Maybe we could begin our habit of “stopping to smell the roses” by stopping what we are doing in the moment, looking around and fully understanding what is right in our line of sight; what is right in the range of our hearing at the moment, or what is right in our immediate reach and grasp. Be aware of everyone around you. Do not be indifferent to others on your road of life; because if you do, you are missing a big part of life itself. Take a moment to gain eye contact with someone, smile at someone or strike up a conversation to learn more about those around you on your life’s path. No matter what that person tells you, their answer will make you richer. You can grow emotionally, you can excel as a person and you can be wealthy by every measure if you just appreciate the gifts that people and life all around you are ready to give right at this moment just by their simple presence. The true greatness of joy can only be known when it is shared with others.

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate and be grateful for what you have, and more importantly, who you have in your life. Please take time to slow down and enjoy what truly matters. Who knows, maybe you can begin to make this a habit in your life? Nonetheless, I hope that as you prepare for the whirlwind of the week ahead, you are truly able to take time and “smell the roses”.

Have a great weekend. Take Care.

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